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Most days, there’s nothing better than a local coffee shop. That familiar aura, the presence of art and artists, new music to free us from the playlists we’ve been listening to on repeat. There’s little not to love. The comforts of these spaces are boundless. There’s that morning buzz, igniting us for the rest of the day, like-minded people on-the-go and an abundance of tasty refreshments.

Freelancers, coffee lovers, travelers, busy Brooklynites are all welcome at these laid-back Bed-Stuy coffee shops. Whether you’re a local looking for a new reading nook, a sanctuary for your soul or a quick visit for some good eats and a caffeine fix, there’s something for everyone in these local joints.

Remember though, there are ways to camp out in these cafes and enjoy free Wi-Fi all day without being rude.


Photo by Brian M. / Yelp
Cafe 232. Photo by Brian M. / Yelp

Cafe 232
232 Taaffe Plc.

Cafe 232 is a snazzy coffee shop meets Korean restaurant hybrid that offers impeccable coffee, tasty pastries and authentic Korean eats/drinks. Try not to spill Soju on your MacBook.

Daily Press
505 Franklin Ave.

Daily Press has a homey, local vibe and features an outdoor patio that also has heaters in the winter. The spot does a good job of balancing the airy and cozy vibes. Also, vegan options galore. Truly, a gem of a coffee-shop!

Milk and Pull
307 Malcolm X Blvd.

Milk and Pull is definitely a coffee-lovers paradise. If you’re an espresso drink snob too, Milk and Pull won’t disappoint. They serve Stumptown coffee, fresh pastries and sandwiches. A local chain, they also has locations in Bushwick and Ridgewood.


Photo via Stonefruit Espresso + Kitchen
Photo via Stonefruit Espresso + Kitchen

Sumner Cafe
144 Decatur St.

Sumner Cafe is known for its Counter Culture beans, Balthazar pastries plus food and drinks made from local farm and artisan produce. It’s spacious, brunch-friendly and the coffee is topnotch.

Playground Coffee Shop
1114 Bedford Ave.

If you’re looking for a place to buckle down and get some work done, playground coffee shop is the spot – lots of table space, great coffee and food. It’s a friendly, happening place with lots to see. Playground Coffee Shop is community-loving, looking to “bridge the gap between community and business” with their wide range of pop-up events. The community friendliness and the artistic ambiance will keep you coming back.

Stonefruit Espresso + Kitchen
1058 Bedford Ave.

Bright light pours into Stonefruit Espresso + Kitchen. Healthy, locally sourced eats and up to par coffee. A welcoming wooden table surrounded by all sorts of plants in the side room makes a comfortable nook, a lovely little corner of the world.

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