Throw a dart for a free Sailor Jerry tattoo tonight

It's like Russian Roulette tattoos!

It’s like Russian Roulette tattoos!

Hey, it’s time again for what is quickly becoming one of the most popular brand tie-in giveaways in all of Brooklyn: Free Sailor Jerry tattoo day! On June 12, the dark rum brand will be giving out 102 free tattoos at The Gutter in Williamsburg, in honor of the actual Normal “Sailor Jerry” Collins, the tattoo artist for whom the brand is named, who would have turned 102 this year (Collins died on June 12, 1973). It’s first-come, first-served, so there will probably be a line well before the 7pm start time. And there’s a twist this time: you choose your tattoo by throwing a dart at a dart board, which seems a bit risky, but you’re already getting a free rum-sponsored tattoo, so why stop there? And afterwards, a free shot of rum for the tattooed, and Sailor Jerry drink specials and free food from Bark hot dogs for the rest. 

The designs on the board will be the iconic Sailor Jerry options: anchor, swallow, cherry, shark and nautical star. The tattoo artists are from Three Kings Tattoo and Matt Van Cura from Invisible NYC.  And Sailor Jerry rum might have been what some of your Brokelyn staff were drinking out of a flask in a Cracker Jack box at a King Tuff show on Sunday night, which we feel both Sailor Jerry and King Tuff would approve of. The event runs from 7pm to 2am (although tattoos will probably run out before 2am).

It's like Russian Roulette tattoo!

Darts for body arts.