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Are you wondering what the easiest way for you to get a night at your bar stamped with the Brokelyn seal of approval? It’s pretty simple: Offer up free beer and pizza to all comers. We don’t know why everyone doesn’t just do this all the time (oh right, you have to “make money”), but Baby’s All Right offshoot Elvis Guesthouse (85 Avenue A) has decided to do it tonight, so maybe go check it out. The only downside is that it’s in Manhattan, but whatever, you’re probably there because of your job anyway.

Elvis Guesthouse is the new spot from the brains behind Baby’s All Right, and has a wacky legend behind its name, something related to Elvis faking his death and opening a bar in Kathmandu way back when and how this is an exact replica. Whatever the reason for the name, the bar is here now, and more importantly, you can get free Busch from 7pm to 8pm and free Two Boots from 8pm on. It’s baseball season of course, so you should take opportunity to get back into Two Boots eating shape before you eat it at Citi Field. Just make sure you tip, because the easiest way to get on the Brokelyn shitlist is if you show up to a free pizza and beer party with the Brokelyn seal of approval and refuse to tip your bartender.

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