Your chance to eat like the 1%: It’s free macaron day!

Macarons: Almond flour, sugar, egg whites, unicorn tears.

Ah, macarons. The 1% of desserts. You know you’ve hit rock bottom with your food addiction when you wait more than 90 minutes in line on the Upper East Side for a $30 box filled with a mere six meringue-based orbs of deliciousness that were flown in from Paris earlier that morning. In my defense, they were incredible and I saved the box to collect spare change, but I digress. What it boils down to is that macarons are expensive, but they’re also really colorful, delicious, and sometimes filled with foie gras. And today you can get them fo’ free at many of the city’s most respected macaron purveyors during the second annual Macaron Day. Sadly there’s only one store in BK, but it’s only a short subway ride away to Lower Manhattan, where there are several options. If you have a car, I recommend schlepping to Queens to the oft-overlooked Canelle Patisserie. Located in an unassuming strip mall in Jackson Heights, this serious French patisserie is worth the trip. Get a Paris Brest too while you’re there. You’re welcome.

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