Free hackathon coming to Bushwick in December


Neeeeeeeerds. Photo by Elena Olivo, via NYU Photo Bureau

‘Sup nerds. Seen all the bad press Uber has been getting the last couple days and figure you can disrupt them out of business? Or are you fixing to end up as rich and amoral as Travis Kalanick? Well, you’ve got a chance to get your app off the ground with a team of nerds, because a free hackathon is coming to Bushwick on December 6. Beats SantaCon, yeah?

HackBushwick is being thrown together by the tech-minded people behind Code, Drink, Talk: Bushwick, so you know that at the very least they like to drink and talk about coding. At the hackathon, which again is free, you’ll be paired up with a team of other programmers shortly after everyone meets, and then you have six Dorito and Mountain Dew Amp-fueled hours to move around some code in the hopes of making a cool Bushwick-themed project, whether it’s an app, a bot, a wearable or whathaveyou. Your creation then gets judged, with the winning team taking home prizes that haven’t been mentioned yet but are allegedly “excellent.”

If you want in, you can register here. It all sounds good, but just be aware that it’s being held at Livestream (195 Morgan Avenue), which as we all know is in the old haunted 3rd Ward building. That being said, if you can code your way around the ghosts of makers past, you probably have a future in the 0010001 business, so consider it extra training we guess.