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Last time we reported on a free brunch we were afraid there would be fistfights and riots as people grappled for table space at Barboncino. And while we know New Yorkers love pizza, there’s a new riot-inducing free brunch on the horizon: Flatbush Caribbean restaurant Mangoseed is giving out traditional or jerk chicken and waffles this Sunday. Get your knives bibs out, cause this one is gonna get messy.

In what has to be the best New York customer appreciation day since the bygone days of the Mets’ Banner Day, you can show up to Mangoseed between 11am and 3pm and try to get yourself a seat at a table. The proprietors are promising to serve as many chicken and waffle entrees as they can, which should be a lot, because chicken and waffles are AWESOME. And even better, you get yourself a free desert too. So if you go, appreciate them like they appreciate you and leave a big tip.

Free chicken and waffles brunch, Sunday December 16, Mangoseed 757 Flatbush Avenue, Flatbush, 11am – 3pm

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  1. Thanks for featuring something in my ‘hood! I know things worth mentioning rarely go on around here, but it means a lot that the bigger blogs aren’t ignoring the things that are.

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