Fox News-punking author Reza Aslan is coming to Brooklyn

The face of very calm mudhole stomping. via Facebook

The face of very calm mudhole stomping. via Facebook

If you were on the internet in the last couple of days, you’ll remember that the big news before “Slutbaggate” was author Reza Aslan going on Fox News and calmly explaining that it’s totally alright for a Muslim to write a book about Jesus. Especially one who has four degrees and has been studying religion for half his life. You can welcome this calm hero of cable news smackdown to Brooklyn in September, when he shows up at powerHouse Arena.

Aslan will be talking about his book, at powerHouse on September 9. The book, Zealot, is about a guy who you may have heard of, named Jesus, and the context of his life in both the Gospels and historically. Which, predictably has ruffled some feathers.

And that’s as good a reason as any to toss powerHouse five bucks to see Aslan talk about his book, which will no doubt continue to be misunderstood by conservative media and lunatics of all stripes. Plus if you’re moved to buy the book afterwards, your five dollar ticket which you can get here, acts as a credit towards buying it. Just let him talk about the book a little bit before you start asking how awesome it felt to stomp Fox.

Book Launch: Zealot, by Reza Aslan, Monday, September 9, 7pm-9pm, powerHouse Arena, 37 Main Street, DUMBO, $5

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  • Lols this dude is trying sooooo hard not to roll his eyes and get salty at her vapid and inane questions. Fox “News”