We’ll stick with real Russia, thanks. (via flickr user jonathanpercy)

News of Brooklyn’s ultra-hipness made it overseas a while ago, with everyone from Parisians to Swedes trying to get their hands on our artisanal food trucks and craft brews. Up next on the borough’s quest for international domination? Mother Russia, baby!

Brooklyn’s not the first “city” Moscow’s over-stylized. For the most part, Muscovites have drawn thematic inspiration from bigwigs like London, Rome and Paris. But those cities are so over now, and according to GQ Russia editor Michael Idov, Kings County’s all the rage in Moscow, where themed restaurants celebrating all the twee fauxhemian yupster goodness Brooklyn–specifically, Williamsburg–has to offer have begun popping up left and right.

There’s a barbershop called Chop-Chop that specializes in Brooklyn-style haircuts (Bangs? Pixie cuts? Months of unwashed PBR buildup?), a speakeasy “friends and family” bar hidden beneath a vintage clothing shop that serves burgers with rosemary, an artisanal toothbrush shop, a ukulele shop, an abundance of cupcake bakeries and a catering company aptly named Williamsburg Studios, to name a few. At this point, it’s just a matter of time until they start building ugly condos in Moscowburg and all the hipsters give up and head to St. Petersbushwick. As for us, though, we’re not about to have our culture stolen by the Russians, so we’re moving faaaaaaaar away from Williamsburg… Brighton Beach, perhaps?

[h/t The Calvert Journal]

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