Eye see what you did there: free eye care comes to Coney Island

Life just isn’t the same when you’re missing your glasses.

As Brooklyn rebuilds after Sandy, people are starting to focus on smaller things they may have fallen behind on or lost after the storm. After all, what’s a pair of glasses to you when all it will help you see is a bunch of destruction? Now though, it could be a good time to get a new pair of specs if you lost one, and you can, thanks to VSP Vision Care.

VSP  has sent one of its state of the art mobile eye care clinics to Coney Island in order to help residents who may have lost their glasses in the storm.  The not-for-profit company will be providing free eye exams and glasses made on the spot for people who need them.  The clinic is located at MCU Park, 1904 Surf Ave and will be there until Friday, December 21.  The clinic operates between 8 AM and 4 PM on a first come first serve basis and is open to any non-VSP member who doesn’t have vision insurance (a social security number is required).  Anyone who is unable to visit the clinic or unable to receive care due to limited availability can contact their local Red Cross for a voucher for free eye care services (and for those looking to help, if you donate to the Red Cross here, VSP will match your contribution).

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