Explore the multiverse tonight for free


Beware zombie hipsters in the multiverse

What is the multiverse? No, it’s not that retroactive-continuity-enabling backdoor narrative trick that allows several Wolverines, Thors and zombie Captain Americas to run into each other in the comics.

The multiverse we’re talking about here is that mind-bendingly vast idea of the sum of everything exists in our own universe and beyond through the idea of parallel universes stacked on top of each other, or linked together, or connected by a series of cosmic twist ties or whatever, into dimensions for which movie studios have yet to find a way to charge you extra. Feeling intrigued?

The monthly free lecture series at Pete’s Candy Store tonight gives you the chance to explore the multiverse with Jason Schuler, an entertainer/performance artist/science comedian who describes himself as not a scientist but a “curious enthusiast.” Schuler will discuss “physics, the possibility of parallel realities, and our place in the multiverse, in a lively exposition that links together disparate physical phenomena.” Woah. We’re going to need a beer (or something much stronger) for this one.

Event starts at 7:30. Details here.