A sneak peek at Wednesday’s action

Brooklyn has become a hot shooting location for TV and movies, to the chagrin of some people. We can see why, since losing parking or not being able to walk down your block freely can definitely be annoying. But, sometimes Brooklyn’s popularity in the movie business can get us awesome perks, like seeing a GIGANTIC FIREBALL for free, on Wednesday evening in Carroll Gardens.

The Carroll Gardens patch relayed the announcement from the NYPD, presumably meant to make sure people don’t freak the eff out when it happens, that there will be a “controlled explosion with a fireball effect” for a TV production. It’s going down on Union Street between Hicks and Columbia sometime between 6pm and 9pm. But, if you’re looking for a cheap Valentine’s date, you can’t go wrong with clandestinely drinking wine and watching something blow up. Or maybe you can and this is why I’m single.

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