Exchange sequins for glitter and more this Wednesday at Brooklyn Craft Company’s Craft Supply Swap

Clear out the crafts you don't use and make room for some that you will!

Clear out the craft supplies you don’t use and make room for some that you will!

Do you have a box in your room that’s overflowing with craft supplies you’ve never touched, or projects you never found the time to finish, you’re afraid to even open it? Well, it’s not doing you any good sitting there in a tangled heap. You’re never going to string together those sea glass beads, and that periwinkle yarn is not a color that you’d ever wear as a scarf around your neck. What if you could trade in your as of yet un-crafted craft stuffs for supplies that catch your more immediate fancy, relieving your guilt and making some putative lover-of-periwinkle’s day? Well, this Wednesday night you can exchange pins for needles and felt for denim, and the like, at Brooklyn Craft Company’s Craft Supply Swap.

It’s like a clothing swap, but for crafts. Any material or tool that falls under the category of arts ‘n crafts is fair game, from fabrics to papers to beads to decorative pens to books about crafting, bring it in and see if someone can find a way to repurpose it. And who knows, you just might find the missing piece to complete the craft masterpiece of your dreams! Check out Brooklyn Craft Company’s site to RSVP (free) and for basic rules how not to be an arts ‘n crafts jerk, like, don’t bring any damaged goods that a fellow crafter wouldn’t be able to use!