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Artichoke Pizza, whose neon lights look like the gates of heaven to the heavily intoxicated still out at 4am every other weekend, is finally coming to Brooklyn. Someone over at the Park Slope Stoop snapped a shot of a shop undergoing renovations at 59 5th Avenue, between Bergen and St Marks. They were told that it will become the fifth Artichoke Pizza location in New York City, when it opens next month.  

If you never been to Artichoke, you probably have not drunkenly wandered around Lower Manhattan for the past couple of years. Artichoke specializes in serving pies covered with white artichokes and spinach. They also serve other kinds of pizza, but we’re never sober enough to actually remember anything else on the menu.

According to the stoop, Artichoke is going to have a lot of competition for pizza supremacy in Park Slope. Other places like Peperoncino, Franny’s and Pizza Superstar have been in Park Slope for a while now. However, none of those places are open past midnight; Artichoke Pizza laughs (if pizza could actually laugh) at those measly hours. So while Artichoke may not be the hot new Park Slope date spot, it’s more than likely going to be the place single people go to eat after drunkenly watching Space Jam.

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  1. does having five restaurants trigger the Calorie count disclosure? Their artichoke slices and crab slices both look like they’re 1000+ calories. Ugh.

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