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The Way Station announces The Brooklyn Music Marathon, October 15-19, 2013

Oct 15, 2013 @ 8:00 pm - Oct 19, 2013 @ 11:55 pm

| Free

The Way Station announces The Brooklyn Music Marathon, October 15-19, 2013.
27 bands from across the country in 5 days. The Brooklyn Music Marathon, running concurrently with CMJ, offers bands an additional chance to get exposure and make new fans. Discover new music in New York City’s most cutting edge borough. The best little music venue in Brooklyn never has a cover, though we suggest a $5 donation.

*All showtimes are subject to change.

8pm- Floco Torres
Genre: Alternative Hip-Hop
A smart, provocative and playful lyricist, Floco Torres slings references as divergent as the movie “Catch Me If You Can,” highlight reels from ESPN’s Sportscenter, the books of Malcolm Gladwell, Nickelodeon cartoons and Petula Clark’s greatest hits. And he hammers it home with a flow that glides over any beat thrown his way. As good as his studio work is, it is his stage show that has endeared him to a growing number of fans because he never holds back.

9pm- Bryan Cahall
Genre: Folk/singer-songwriter
For fans of: Bob Dylan, Woody Guthrie, Joan Baez, Utah Phillips

Bryan Cahall is a storyteller, poet, and singer-songwriter based in Brooklyn, NY. To date, his work is minimalistic—humble tunes meant to elevate some thoughtful and agile lyricism. And with debts to Southern blues and gospel, Irish balladry, the winking pathos of the Dust Bowl-era songsters, and the folk revivalists of the 1960’s, it is distinctly American. There is a rich tradition of singing poets who’ve seen themselves foremost as witnesses and keepers of cultural memory and who’ve shared their gifts of expression to inspire, to console, to remind, and to widen their circle of sympathetic fellows.

10pm- The Prospect Jug Peddlers
Genre: Ragtime, Jug Band, Pre-war country blues, Depression era jazz
For fans of: Blind Blake, Memphis Jug Band, Mississippi Sheiks, Old Crow Medicine Show
Recent west coast transplants, “The Prospect Jug Peddlers” blend ragtime, blues and vintage jazz to create a unique sound more reminiscent of something you’d find in Tin Pan Alley during the 1920s than anything relative in today’s world. Don’t let the juxtaposition of baldness and dreadlocks throw you; these guys have got that ragtime swing that’ll keep you and yer miss dancin’ all night. Featuring the New Jersey darling “Miss Schmidt” on mandolin.

7pm- Charles Ellsworth and Shadow Puppet
Genre: Americana
Website http://charlesellsworth.com/
Video/audio links: https://soundcloud.com/cellsworth54

8pm- Nightmares of Nashville

9pm- Sour Bridges

10pm- Jon Ladeau
Genre: Blues, Folk, Americana
For fans of: Richard Thompson, Neil Young, George Harrison

Jon LaDeau is a guitarist, songwriter, and singer from Brooklyn, NY. His blues, country, and rock and roll influences blend into an original sound that is all his own. Over the past several years he has performed with his band, as a solo artist, and as a sideman in nearly every state of the U.S, Switzerland, Italy, and Austria. He is currently busy playing with his band in support of his new album, released May 2012.

11pm- Out Of System Transfer

7pm- Will Newman Trio
Genre: Comedy / Rock
Flight of the Conchords / Stephen Lynch
The Will Newman Trio is a satirical romantic singer/songwriter group. They earnestly perform love songs like “Even Though You’re Not Attractive I’ll Still Make Out With You” and “I’ll Get You So Pregnant”. They’re kind of like the Mountain Goats mixed with Tenacious D or Flight of the Conchords. They come from Brooklyn, but have played shows from Boston to DC.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R_1gXQk9AII (Preview)

8pm- A Fire With Friends

9pm- The Waysties
The Waysties leave their barstools and take the stage for a night of raucous Irish songs and Irished-up rock covers. Featuring The Rose West’s Alex and Robare, Painless Parker’s Noam, Molly of Mist Covered Mountains and Sarah Biz.

10pm- Wizard Sex

11pm- Callow
Genre: Indie Art Rock
For fans of: Dr. Dog, Fleet Foxes, and Black Heart Procession

The sound of Callow’s haunting Art Rock, fronted by lead vocalist/guitarist Red Moses, and drummer/Keyboardist Sami Knowles is wise beyond its years, despite the fact their name means naïve, inexperienced and immature.

12am- Up Nights
Genre: Emo, Indie
For fans of: Sunny Day Real Estate, Karate,

Up Nights is an Indie Emo Rock duo based in Wilmington, Delaware. Blending the sharp melodic guitar style of Andrew Townsend with David Sanchez’s hard hitting drums and somber words, the two share songful tales of human nature and offer friendly reminders of things most of us choose to forget. The two met over 4 years ago when Sanchez became Townsend’s client, but had never spoke of music until early this year. Both men have been making music since the 90’s and are fathers to a pair of children each. With the recent release of their debut Self titled Ep, Up Nights is gradually making their way around the east coast with plans to cap off their Full Length and head out west next year.


FRIDAY 10/18
7pm- Simone Stevens
Genre: Folk/rock/pop
For fans of: Feist, Regina Spektor, Stevie Nicks, Chrissie Hynde
Simone Stevens is a singer-songwriter based in Brooklyn New York. She blends folk with rock and peppers it with pop.

8pm- Fools on Sunday
For fans of: David Bowie (Official), Sly and the Family Stone, Led Zeppelin Official, The O’Jays

Fools on Sunday had their first release as a trio punk band in 2009 With the release of their 4 song debut EP “The Best We Can Do”. In 2010 they moved into their recording home of Fidelitorium producing a fine 4 song hard rock effort, which received numerous good reviews plus some satellite and internet radio airplay. 2011 found young Evan Seligman in his first 6 song solo release which received similar accolades to the 2nd FOS release. Now down to a father and son two piece, (4 piece live) they recorded their new 3 tune effort.

9pm- Illicitizen
Genre: indie /soul
For fans of: Talking Heads, Jr Walker & The All-Stars, Gang of Four, Smokey Robinson

Illicitizen is a varied mix of thought provoking lyrics, melodic bass grooves and spikey guitar backed by a stimulating beat. Dramatic vocals and hip shaking grooves make their indie soul politi-dance-rock a genre unto itself. Playing up and down the East Coast USA since their inception the duo gigs relentlessly and has been known to drive into natural disasters to pick up shows. Their eponymous debut was released in June of 2010. “Feathers and Wax” was recorded in early 2012 and released July 13, 2012. In June of 2013 the duo joined up with the creative wizards at Nightlife Productions and released a newly recorded (Mirrortone Music) version of “Needle.”

10pm- Kagero
Genre: Japanese Gypsy Rock
For fans of: Gogol Bordello meets David Bowie

Upbeat, folky pop songs with world music flavors, sung by a Japanese man with a British accent. Kagero’s sound is a melting pot of tonalities and rhythms from Asia, the Middle East, South America and Eastern Europe — “Cultural Confusion”. Sometimes the songs are beautiful imagery, sometimes sad folk tales, and sometimes silly songs about drinking. But the tunes are always fun, and the show is high energy dancing good time.

“Kagero’s world music goulash is very tasty — even if you don’t always know what’s you’re eating.”

11:45pm- Mappa Mundi
Genre: rock, folk, pop, chamber music
For Fans of: The Decemberists, The National, Arcade Fire, Devotchka, Andrew Bird, Of Monsters and Men, Beirut, Regna Spektor, Lost in the Trees
Mappa Mundi is an experimental band rooted in rock, folk, pop, and chamber music, with influences spanning from Phillip Glass to Arcade Fire (stopping along the way at Erik Satie, Decemberists, John Adams, and the National). Bouncing between noisy rock, baroque arrangements, and jangly folk, their sound can only be described as Chamber Pop: at once Old World and New.

1pm- Corn Bred Documentary

4pm- B&X
Genre: Pop, Hip-Hop, Blues-Rock
For fans of: John Mayer, Jay Z, J.Cole, Justin Timberlake

B&X is a duo from NYC formed around the idea of taking two guys with different influences, throwing some open-mindedness into the mix, and creating something fresh and new. By integrating XiT’s background of hip-hop with Blane Mitchell’s foundation of rock and blues, B&X have produced a sound that is both original and refreshing, while still maintaining a pop sensibility. Check them out on Twitter at @BlaneMitchell and @elXiT, and be kept up to date with the guys and their band leading up to the release of their EP, Word On The Street, later this year.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nta1u3IlbP4 (Preview)

5pm- Lucid Lion
Genre: Roots-Rock
For fans of: Bob Marley, Toots & The Maytals, Neil Young, Tracy Chapman, Blind

MelonLucy Morningstar also known as Lucid Lion has become a spark of positive vibration in the modern Roots-Rock music scene. Rocking her Acoustic/Electric Seagull on a mission across states, cities, rivers, oceans & mountains; her unique fingerpicking grooves & captivating lyrical message bonds melodic tones, upbeat political poetry to soulful outbursts and sensational release.



6pm- Reggie Williams
Genre: Acoustic/Folk/Pop
For fans of: Jason Mraz, John Mayer, James Morrison
Reggie’s mission is to create a personal and emotional connection with his listeners by getting up close and personal with them through his “folky soul” sound. His recently successful kickstarter campaign has allowed him to record an EP and gear up for a 45 day tour this fall! Since his first official release in 2012 he has sold over 500 physical copies independently, performed on ABC television and featured on the Gibson Showcase at Florida Music Festival, and at the FT. Lauderdale Driven Music Festival. 2013 is looking to be a bright year full of growth and opportunity!
“You could say he plays guitar, like an artist paints, and that is very fluidly behind his voice, each complementing each other in utter brilliance and smoothness.” – The Record Stache
Website: https://www.facebook.com/ReggieWilliamsOfficial
Video/audio links: http://bit.ly/You_Make_Me_Feel

7pm- Aaron Zimmer
Genre: singer-songwriter, alp pop/rock
For fans of: Tom Petty, Ryan Adams, Butch Walker

Brooklyn based multi-instrumentalist AARON ZIMMER is proud to announce the release of First Persons, the first in a collection of short EPs to be released in late 2012 and throughout 2013. Zimmer is making a name for himself in NYC and across the country not only for his brand of pop/rock, but also for his engaging one-man live show that includes a multitude of instruments, percussion and loops…a show that leave his audiences wondering, “how’d he do that?” Aaron is touring clubs and college campuses throughout 2013.

8pm- Hanging Hills
Genre: folk influenced rock group
For fans of: Fleet Foxes, Wilco, Local Natives
Hanging Hills is a folk influenced rock group with a tad bit of twang to their sound. They are based out of the artistically inclining Willimantic, CT, and becoming an integral part of the Connecticut scene.
“This is a band that is really going places so keep yr eyes peeled!” – Ctindie.com


9pm- Plugged-in Painless Parker
Born under a barstool in Saskatoon and raised by a pack of wild koalas, Painless Parker plays a mixed bag of country laments, sea shanties, murder ballads and classic rockers, filtered through a grimy, whiskey-stained punk lens. He’s fluent in two languages, and can cuss in at least seventeen. He enjoys rabble-rousing, shindigging, booze drinking and merrymaking.

10pm- Damian Quiñones y su conjunto
Genre: Rock and Roll
For fans of: Funkadelic, WAR, Os Mutantes, Bood, Sweat, and Tears, Willie Colon, Neil Young & Crazy Horse

An 8 piece outfit fronted by singer/guitarist/songwriter by Damian Quiñones, they are currently supporting their self released album, “Gumball Ma-Jumbo!”(2012).

Akin to a mix tape made from his uncles old vinyl collection, Damian Quiñones and his band “El Conjunto” are sonically funky, expansive and colorful. Quiñones songwriting is a heady stew of 60’s rock and roll, Nuyorican funk, with a nice helping of tropicalia, and Afro-Caribbean sounds to boot.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_I9Dee5_c5s (Preview)

12am- Get Open
Genre: Hip-Hop
For fans of: Mos Def, Talib Kweli,

Get Open is a Hip-Hop group from New York. In existence since 1994.
Get Open is a way of life, a mind state, it’s about being open to new things in life, it’s about good music. Get Open for business, serving all customers.



Oct 15, 2013 @ 8:00 pm
Oct 19, 2013 @ 11:55 pm


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