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THE ADVERSARY – Gratitude* NYC and EvolverNYC present: AXIS MUNDI

Oct 4, 2014 @ 7:00 pm

Gratitude*NYC returns for our 5th year, bigger and better and in a huge new location and earlier date, just in time to decompress. RSVP, invite your friends, and PARTICIPATE!

On October 4th, Gratitude welcomes you home to…
AXIS MUNDI, the axis of creation. The meeting point of the higher and lower realms, of Earth and the Worlds of Mythology, of reality and dreams. Welcome to a fully immersive journey into the Lands of Legend, the civilizations that have been lost, dreamed about, or just whispered for centuries.

Encounter the Jungle! Evoking the lost civilizations of the Incas, the seat of Vishnu, the White City of Gold. A place of ritual, of primal power, of nature, of the stars, and of fire.

Dive Underwater! Enter Atlantis, the lost city in the sea. Mermaids and Triton, Water Nymphs and Sea Dragons. A place of creation, for we all come from water. A land of wonder, of connection to that which we cannot understand

Explore the Desert! Lost in the Sands of Time, the lands of Aladdin, Eridu, and the Ancient Cities of Babylon and Cairo return. A home of djinn and genie, of bazaars of wonder and magic carpets, of enchantment and dreams.

What was lost can be found. What we dream today can become the world of tomorrow.

AXIS MUNDI costume ideas: Mayan warriors and priests, Hindu Deities, Shaman­ – the jaguar, the snake, the eagle­ Mermaids and Mermen, Sea Nymphs and Sea Lords, Sea
Creatures of all types, bioluminescence!­ Desert Bedouin, Egyptian Royalty, Indian Mythology, the tiger, the sorcerer, the vizier­ Gods and Goddesses of all types, Travelers of Time and Space…or strip down and get body painted!!!

FEATURING: 45,000 square feet of richly stimulating experiences spread over multiple indoor/outdoor environments.

TRANSFORMATIONAL WORKSHOPS: All afternoon and into the evening, Evolver, the transformational community hub, will be hosting flow arts, yoga, dance, tantra, art, entheogenic, spiritual and environmental action workshops to prepare you for the evenings festivities, and they are taking submissions! If you would like to present something, please submit a short bio and description to Jeff(at)evolver.net
Learn more at www.Evolver.net

THE CALLING 4: Debuting at 9PM, Flambeaux Fire’s epic storybook theater show tells the tale of a people bound by fire who isolate themselves in a realm apart from ours, to burn ever-stronger. But as the nature of fire itself consumes them, their world becomes a Paradise Fallen. Now, Flambeaux and a pantheon of supernatural archetypes, walled into their sparring fiefdoms, must open their flaming hearts to the beautiful newcomer ‘The Red Witch’ and her golden voice, as her spectacular miracles bring them closer and closer….to conflict, to solutions, to community, to each other, and to the fire itself.

With a cast of New York’s most followed indie performers and artists, Flambeaux concocts a yearning and powerful live spectacle that now threads itself into the fabric of ‘Gratitude’, to bring you the show ‘The Calling 4′ in all it’s glory then to further appear all night with them.

MAYAN STAGE: A precision-engineered sound environment with world-class House music enveloped with 3d video-mapped projections and epic climbable art, featuring music by:

Cevin Fisher – Import/ Defect
Davidson Ospina – Bubbles & Bass
Everyday – Pex/ Play loop
R2 aka Reda Briki & Resy – 3Bridges/ Evolve/ Disorient
Journeyman – JDJ/ Disorient
Big Jawn – Pex
Chadwick – Flash Nightclub Washington DC
David Kiss – The Deep NYC

Special Guests: JustinJustin Toca and Alé Alé Drummers

ATLANTEAN STAGE: An immersive dance floor environment featuring your favorite Breaks, Funk and more plus mind-blowing decor, performances, massive undersea video projections, lasers, and surprises throughout the night! Music by:

DJ Zach Moore – Space Cowboys, Armory Podcast
Jubilee – Mixpack, Flamingo FM
Tektite – Vitamin B, Blackbird
Tim The Enchanter – Vitamin B
Illexxandra – Vitamin B, Mischief
Party Foul 5000 – Thunder Gumbo
Wally Whatever – PEX, Rat Camp
Jeffrey Dommer – Powder Room, Disco Fist, ICARUS

And a special opening live set by The Adversary w/ Cavalier – Uncanny Valley, Strategik/FLASHBANG SF

SILENT DISCO DOME: head to head with your favorite local DJ’s

Orion Keyser vs Shisaa
Adam Jay vs Infinite Kitten
Justin Aubuchon vs 2Melo
Friar Tuck vs B3ar
Carmel vs Boris
DK vs $mall Change
DJ Shakey vs Dodley
Groovecreator vs Guy Freeman

HALL of FLAME: Be submerged into the NYC underground and bear witness to amazing flow artists talents at the fire world’s Hall of Flame, offering world class fire performances outside throughout the night.

If you’re interested in performing in the Hall of Flame or teaching a flow workshop, please contact Phoenix Feeley.

TEMPLE OF GRATITUDE: The spiritual heart of Gratitude. A peaceful and welcoming space for healing bodywork, talks, tea, spontaneous transformations, spiritual emergence, and live visionary art.

VJs / PROJECTION ARTISTS (Curated by Kurt Ritta):
VJ Krunch
Doctor Mojo
Max Nova
VJ Aeres
VJ Metal Tiger
VJ Fuzzy Bastard
Xris Smack
Stingray Bob
Vox Illuminati


Your Support Funds the Artists!
A huge part of the magic of Gratitude*NYC is the quality of the artistic expression and the transformative experience of interacting with the art. Each year, we invite, support, and stimulate the best artists in New York to create original interactive installations, sculptures, and performances.

We welcome theme camps, arts collectives, performers, VJs, sculptors, painters, photographers, mad scientists and musicians. Even if your form of self-expression is impossible to categorize, you are a member of this community and your participation and contribution are necessary for it to continue to thrive.

If you’d like to showcase your craft, whatever it may be, please just follow the appropriate links below. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can and will do everything we can to give you the support you might need to make it happen.

If you’re not sure which category best suits your contribution, make your best choice and we’ll sort it out on our end. PLEASE only submit your project once.

Theme Camps: http://bit.ly/gratitudethemecamp2014
Performances: http://bit.ly/gratitudeperform2014
Arts: http://bit.ly/gratitudeart2014
Activities: http://bit.ly/gratitudeactivities2014.

VOLUNTEER: If you’re able to volunteer your time and energy to make this spectacular event a reality, PLEASE fill out the form here http://tinyurl.com/gratvol14

PARTICIPANT SAFETY: Gratitude*NYC is deeply committed to fostering a safe space for free expression without fear of harassment, intimidation or assault or violence of any kind. We encourage all participants to be aware of your own personal safety and the safety of your fellow participants. The principle of CONSENT is a core value that we take very seriously and we have a zero tolerance for anyone who endangers the safety of our community by ignoring this principle.

CIT (Crisis Intervention Team): Gratitude Sanctuary is a group of volunteer human service professionals who are dedicated and responsive to the emotional needs of our participants and staff.

LEAVE NO TRACE: As an event committed to the 11+ principles, Gratitude*NYC is a “Leave No Trace” event. We ask all participants to support us in our mission to pick up MOOP (matter out of place) throughout the event and help to return the venue to its original condition at the end of the night. Trash and recycling receptacles will be provided throughout the space. Please use them!

This is a 21+ event.


Oct 4, 2014
7:00 pm


TBA Brooklyn
395 Wythe Avenue
New York, NY 11249 United States