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RendeZvous feat. DIGICULT Live! and MANIPULATION Live! (Philippines Relief Fundraiser Party)

Dec 27, 2013 @ 10:00 pm

| 30-35

Friday December 27
10:00 PM
21 and over
$30 – $35
The Paper Box
17 Meadow St.
Brooklyn, NY
RSVP: https://www.facebook.com/events/1417538625146331
Tickets: http://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/433241?utm_medium=api

Since DigiCult was founded back in 2003, they have worked their way up to the forefront of the psychedelic movement within the trance scene. Trying to keep the soul within the music whilst their surrounding musical landscape moved to more commercial frontiers. They are to this day set to shine a light in otherwise obscure times. Their style has always been described as deep, intelligent full-on morning, with a gentle oldschool touch. Their music was brought to an impressive array of events, and spread on various international labels, while being released on 3 full length albums along the way. Memorable times include visits to Japan (Vision Quest The Gathering, T.P.E.), Hungary (Ozora 2009), Germany (Full Moon \’06 \’08 \’10, Spiritual Healing, Fusion), Mexico (Equinoxio in Guadalajara, NYE in Cancun and Puerto Vallarta, Beat on the Beach), , Brazil (Trancedence), Greece (Aurora), Israel (TFN, Morisson Drops), Tunisia (Solar Eclipse festival), Ireland (Life festival), Turkey (Tree of Life), Croatia (Lost Theory), USA, Guatemala, Portugal, Russia, India, Spain, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Switzerland, France, Slovakia, Serbia, Sweden, Austria, Ukraine, Denmark, UK, Macedonia, Italy, The Netherlands and many more. In August 2006 the guys released their debut full album ‘Avenida de Bélgica’ in French label Avigmatic records. It became the blueprint for the unconditional energy in their music, light and very psychedelic in nature. The second full album ‘Out of this World’, takes you to the next level … Space! both in sound and feeling. It was released in march 2008 at dacru records and includes versus tracks with U-Recken and Fatali. The third album came in May 2012 continuing the same path… driven, emotive and psychedelic music that can\’t resist to move you .. both physically and spiritually.

I believe the energy that makes all of us is a combination of the influences we have from what we listen too, the images we see, the things we eat and what we let ourselves believe. My music trip started before I can remember my own thoughts, now most of my day is filled with understanding sound. Music has been my main focus and dedication for the past 14 years but yet I find I’m growing to love it more every day I Listen/Mix or Produce a new track. My Goal today is to provide as much good music possible, invite our world to travel through unforgettable places and expose new sound-waves to everyone willing to let go, enjoy and be the unimaginable. This musical journey started in the Azores Islands where I got a lot of ideas for what I do now but moving around and learning about our globe has been my fuel and inspiration for making it one more step. Growing up listening to albums from the past 50 years made me appreciate the Goa Trance genre, its complexity, the things it can do with you and the things you can do with it. I was hooked the first time I was exposed to it. This frame of thought that promotes Incredible Complex Music, Social Diversity, Acceptance, Harmony, Ours and Natures Well Being, Love and Unity is not something I could ever turn my back too. Goa/Psychedelic trance for me and many, is far more than just a genre of music, and if you are reading this… chances are, you know it too. If there’s a sound, there can be music… if there is music there is dancing and the world will keep spinning as long as we keep stomping.

Miguel Moura
Miguel embarked on a musical journey which started at the age of 8 when he was given his first drum set. Soon after, he discovered a never ending love for the guitar and his childhood obsession with computer programming . Moving back to Portugal at the age of 13 he was immersed In a growing underground electronic movement like no other, shortly after he found himself at his first forest party. Enchanted by the obscure musical ingenuity, hypnotizing rhythm and an indescribably magical vibe, he knew at that moment he had discovered something that would change the course of his life. Half his lifetime later Miguel has remained dedicated to the community, producing, and collaborating on a number of events in Portugal, the U.S. and U.K. Working with many of the familiar faces in the scene. Now recently relocated in New York City representing the renowned U.K. Label Alchemy Records he brings special blend of contagious baselines and complex melodies to the dance floor.

Felipe Linares

Intoxicated with sound, Felipe Linares heard the irresistible call of a siren beckoning him toward a life of music at an early age. Once a guitar player in a hard-core band, Felipe’s passion transformed overnight—the night he attended his first psytrance party. His entire focus was then immediately devoted to psytrance which set Felipe on a new path in life, a path that took him from São Paulo to New York where he was soon hypnotizing the crowd with a powerful melodic set mixed to perfection at his first Psycheground party. Felipe has since delivered impressive performances at many of the most prestigious events on the East Coast including SubCulture, Pulp, tekno*feel*ya, Sync, Pex Festival as well as Universo Paralello in Brazil. Felipe now resides in New York City where he is a resident artist at Psycheground in addition to designing sound systems for parties and clubs and pursuing a degree in Audio Engineering. Always immersed in music, Felipe spends the rest of his time developing his talents in the studio and is in the process of producing his first release.

Between Devices

Between Devices is the project of Brazilian native Rafael Zanette. His style is derived from high energy dancey underground and mainstream tracks that are guaranteed to leave the crowd amazed and asking for more. Rafael is an artist, DJ, and promoter that worked with big name acts from all over the globe.


Dec 27, 2013
10:00 pm


The Paper Box
17 Meadow Street
Brooklyn, NY United States