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Mar 28, 2014 @ 7:00 pm - Mar 30, 2014 @ 11:00 pm

| $20 General, $15 Student
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The Village of Williamsburgh within the Town of Bushwick has seen a lot of changes since 1827. Industrialists (see the remaining relic ‘Domino Sugar Factory’); shore-side mansions; it became a cauldron of pent up energies when Tony Serpico was shot and most recently it has been a haven for creatives.

Given this inspiration One of Us are back! After a sold out performance in London (listed in Time Out, Le Cool London and Who’s Jack among others) they have united artists and performers in St Paul’s Lutheran Church, a building that has witnessed these changes (having come into being in 1853), to creative an immersive experience.

Be transported through a postmodern mish mash of ideas and celebrate this area with us through our site specific performances.

There will be 6 performances over Friday the 28th of March and Sunday the 30th of March. The slots run between: 7-8pm, 8:30-9:30pm and 10-11pm. Address: St Paul’s Lutheran Church of Williamsburg, 334 S 5th St 11211. The nearest subway is Marcy Ave JMZ.

You can buy tickets here.

You can also reserve tickets from oneofus.whitechapel@gmail.com that will require payment on the door. Tickets are $20 with a student discount rate of $15

Interact with us: https://twitter.com/OneofUsWchapel

Pieces will include:

The Chair, the Table
Dealing with how objects, people, and space inform and control one another, the project focuses on how an object can be made uncanny via its theatricalized setting. Even the most mundane object bears witness to an event. As objects of ritual, they may hold cherished memories or sacred lore. Broken, misused, overused, ritualized or multiplied, objects can determine the nature of a space or the character of their users.
Emma Stirling, Yates Norton with Artwork by Tom Laprade and Aaron Lehman.

This piece will explore issues of violence and alienation as a result of society’s taboos against female physicality. How and why do we destroy our own bodies, and what occurs at the breaking point? The artist will create a multitudinous self to present before the audience through a combination of audio and visual elements, which will be manifested and destroyed before the audience.
Carina Finn

Death is a Salesman
A woman confronts a used car salesman about faulty breaks on a car she purchased, then ends up discussing matters of life, death, and redemption, before finally partaking in a high-stakes game of scrabble.
Linda Wu

A kiosk for temporal meditation and reflection. Modern science and modern thought (the Renaissance invention of perspective; Copernicus, Newton, Einstein) sought to demystify and explain physical space, leaving no place more special than any other; ech0 seeks to combine the notions of non-place (i.e. Internet) and locale (i.e. church) that relays transcendental experience and spirit while breaking conventional iconography.
Daniel Levya

A sound piece relating to the diverse history of the church’s inhabitants. A new denomination assumes ownership not so much adopting the presence of the previous tenants as they make their own mark, but unable to remove the past’s impact completely. A residue like ghosts exists in the space, and my sounds will be representative of that airiness; phasing in, phasing out.
Adam Stoves

Patient Saint
SAINT GENEVIEVE EXCLUSIVE APPEARANCE. In his penultimate demonstration, Dr. Charcot’s prize patient and celebrity hysteric displays the wrong symptoms.
Samantha Beach, Kyle Bales and Group

We grieve alongside 7 Widows while a fallen poet mourns a life of unrealized love.
Shayfer James and Group

There Art Thou Happy
Shooting the Friar Lawrence scene for a modern re-telling of Romeo and Juliet, A film crew struggles to get the last shot.
Eric Fallen

Cleansing Concordia
An interactive ritual cleansing with volunteers from the audience where the participants will talk, recite an agreement together as they wash their hands of the dominant powers that be and reclaim their individualism. Gabriel Don

Whoso Walketh Wisely
After facing expulsion from private school for starting up a coven-brothel, spirited Alice arrives on at the dusty doorstep of unsuspecting Frank with a backpack full of raw beef, desperately in need of an oven. Propelled by the illusion that they will soon part ways forever, these unlikely companions expose colors of each other long kept in the dark. But are they truly strangers? Or have they collided many times before?
Laura Heckel

Every Time I Break the 7th Commandment, An Angel Gets a Hard On
A visual exploration of the ideology behind one of the 10 commandment’s most disputed and argued over tenets, “Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery.” The point is to place the spectator at odds with his/her own sexuality and the fear of judgement. An investigation into the heart of desire, the sin of lust, and the castigation that follows.
Sebastian Pinaud

As well as visual art work from Ursula Mur, Satoshi Okada, Terry Huber, Mohanee Alingasa Ramchandani’s ‘Visions of Meditative Practice,’ Michal Verred Ammar’s ‘Inner Rooms.’


Mar 28, 2014 @ 7:00 pm
Mar 30, 2014 @ 11:00 pm
$20 General, $15 Student


One of Us


St Paul’s Lutheran Church of Williamsburg
334 S 5th St
New York, NY 11211 United States
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