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Latterman / Cayetana / Worriers at Knitting Factory

Oct 23, 2016 @ 7:00 pm - 11:30 pm

| $20
Latterman AltPress 300x600

Knitting Factory Presents:

Oct 22- SOLD OUT
w/ Chandeli’ers and The Path
Oct 23- Tix on sale now
w/ Cayetana and Worriers

LATTERMAN hail from the annals of Long Island’s suburban, cultish, punk/hardcore/emo history. Born into the hands of teenagers, LATTERMAN was a band from 2000-2006 who toured all the fuck over the place and mostly played (too loudly) to sparse rooms. Taking heartfelt bites, often earnestly and awkwardly, out of hard subjects like feminism and dismantling patriarchy, and keeping corporate influence out of DIY, they were a voice for equality in an overly homogenous scene. These reverberations can be seen today in countless ripoffs of their playing style and hopeful lyricism. LATTERMAN was one of the few bands in their time that both spoke out on political subjects andplayed catchy, melodic punk rock. They briefly reunited in 2012 for a handful of NY area shows, all of which sold out within a few hours. The band donated a large portion of the money made from those shows to Olympia, WA’s Queer Rock Camp where Mattie Jo is a volunteer. LATTERMAN has not performed live together since a European reunion tour, and their appearance at Gainesville’s FEST 11 in 2012. The members have all gone down different and better paths with their music and bands, though their influences are easily traceable to their shared origin in DIY punk.

Members of LATTERMAN currently play in the bands Iron Chic, RVIVR, Tender Defender, Bridge and Tunnel and Laura Stevenson.