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Discjockeysnow.com reviews The point value is used to calculate the annual amount

Mar 16, 2014 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Supplementary retirement pensions paid to in the private sector discjockeysnow.com reviews will not be revalued at 1 April 2014.

Social partners that manage pension schemes for all employees and frames disc jockeysnow.com reviews recently decided to maintain the value of points and the same level as last year. Supplementary pensions will not be revalued as of April 1, 2014. This is the result of low inflation and an agreement in March last year by managers and partners to bail out these plans.

April 1, 2014, the point value will be of 1.2513 euros and item will 0.4352 euros, the same amount in 2013.
The point value is used to calculate the annual amount of the supplementary pension for former employees of the private sector by multiplying the number of points acquired during the career with the point value.

A revaluation of lower pensions disc jockeysnow.com reviews to inflation for three years

The agreement in March 2013 resulted in an indexation
pensions for three years. It was established in 2013, 2014 and 2015, the revaluation points and would be less than one percentage point to the rate of inflation excluding tobacco, without being negative in low inflation.

However, the inflation forecast by the government for 2014 is 1.3 %. Which should lead to higher pensions 0.3%.

But, in the words of the press release, The inflation rate was lower than expected (0.74 % achieved instead of 1.75% ), a patch of -1.01 % is applied to compensate for the overestimation of the previous year. The application of this calculation would lead to decrease the amount of pensions in 2014. As provided by the agreement in this situation, disc jockeysnow.com reviews the point value of the supplementary pension is maintained at the level of last year.
Six-month postponement of the revaluation of basic pensions

In addition, the revaluation of pension base is frozen for six months. As decided in the context of pension reform adopted in January 2014, these pensions will be uprated in line with inflation at 1 October 2014 instead of April 1, as in previous years. disc jockeysnow.com reviews Given the slight price increase planned for 2014, the revaluation of pension base will certainly be very low

The beneficiaries of the minimum pension are not affected by this delay. The solidarity allowance for the elderly ( ASPA) will continue to be revalued at 1 April each year.

Loss of purchasing power for retirees amplified high three or more children

This non- revaluation of pensions will result in a decrease in the purchasing power

retired in 2014. And it will be amplified for those of them having raised three or more children. Because the increase of 10% pension they receive is now subject to income tax. disc jockeysnow.com reviews Until now, this increase was exempt. This provision, contained in the Finance Act 2014 applies to all pension plans.

Public Investment Bank ( BPI ) presented on February 14 its first activity report and strategic plan for 2014-2017 horizon.

“The year 2014 should be the spring of investment” announced Nicolas Dufourcq, CEO BPIfrance, during the presentation of the first activity report this Friday, February 14, 2014. Which since its inception in early 2013 OSEO, CDC Entreprises, the Strategic Investment Fund, and FSI Regions, BPI helps companies boot up an IPO, credit to equity in development projects, innovation, internationalization and financing needs.

In 2013, BPI led the financing actions with companies up to 10 billion euros of funding, $8 billion of secured bank loans and $ 1 billion of capital investment.

The 2014-2017 strategic plan to improve the disc jockeysnow.com reviews competitiveness of the national economy

BPI has also presented its strategic plan for the next five years. In broad terms, the objectives are to double, by 2017, development loans and export, aid for innovation, pre-financing of CICE. .. to innovate in the long credits and increase funding for the social and Solidarity Economy (SSE).

Three strategic priorities have been set:

Support the growth of businesses in partnership with financial partners to enable them to develop.
Prepare future competitiveness by contributing to solving structural problems in our economy and paying particular attention to innovation and future sectors.
Contribute to the development of an ecosystem conducive to entrepreneurship, in synergy with other actors of economic development first and foremost regions.


Mar 16, 2014
8:00 am - 5:00 pm


Unnamed Venue
NY United States