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June 2 @ 8:00 pm - June 3 @ 12:00 am

| $10

Come help us DENY the creeping tide of NIHILISM, intellectual relativism, reactionary art, cynical disengagement, and passive detachment. Join us for a night of PRO-ACTIVE radical underground performance and experimental sound. Presented by Vilma PeDiu as part of “Wall Anarchists” series at Rockwall Studios, and by WILD EmbeddingS mobile performance platform.

$10-15 suggested entry


Nikolas List (Belgium) is a US/Mexican music producer and filmmaker currently based in Brussels. His approach to making music draws on his cinematographic background and his conviction that there is beauty and music in every sound. His live performances take the audience through journeys involving ASMR, existential electronics, cinematic dream- scapes and virtual realities built with sound. e shows are designed to be unique, immersive experiences where the listener is free to either dance, meditate or just bask in excit- ing and enticing soundscapes. As a promoter in Tallinn de- scribed them recently, “Nikolas List’s performances are full body experiences.” www.nikolaslist.com

Kledia Spiro (Albania / Boston) was part of an olympic weightlifting team. She uses weightlifting as a symbol of survival, empowerment and celebration. Weightlifting becomes a vehicle for discussing women’s role in society, immigration and times of war. Spiro explores the connection between weightlifting, folk dance and daily life as a new celebratory ritual for understanding the relationship between the artist and her parents, as well as the present and the past. By experimenting with indeterminate methods, Spiro wants the viewer to access the otherwise inaccessible spaces. Her works are based on Freudian and Piagetian behavioral concepts: visions that reflect psycho-analysis, behavioral psychology, and a sensation of indisputability, combined with details of odd, eccentric, absurd, totemic and humoristic elements. By questioning where one is and the concept of movement, Spiro investigate the manipulation of lifting objects overhead and it’s effects. www.klediaspiro.com

Reagan Holiday (NYC)
Experimental/Noise Artist and Founder of the first Noise/Drag performance series: Harsh Noise, Beat Face

Sean Ali (Ohio / NYC) and Azumi Oe (Japan / NYC)
Bassist, composer, and improviser Sean Ali participates in the city’s vibrant experimental music scene both as a performer and curator. His current projects include: Fester, Hag, LathanFlinAli, Mattrey.Bordreuil.Ali, Natura Morta, PascAli, Phantom Circuit, While We Still Have Bodies, and solo performances. He is co-founder and member of the new music label Prom Night Records. He is co-founder and former curator at 65Fen Music Series. Sean Ali performs regularly in New York City and has toured extensively throughout the United States and Europe. www.seanali.com

Azumi Oe received Butoh training from mainly Vangeline, Katsura Kan, and Yukio Waguri. She performed as a principal dancer of New York-based Butoh company Vangeline Theatre in many festivals and events in the US. She joined as an assistant choreographer and main dancer for Katsura Kan’s several tours in US, Central America, China, Russia and Europe. Her solo piece “UtsUtsU” was presented in Boulder Butoh Festival, Solioquios y Dialogos Bailados Festival in Mexico, also performed two solo pieces in “Journey of Spirit” directed by Yukio Waguri. Her Newest piece “ObsidianismO” was presented at Eurasia Butoh Festival tour in Beijing, St.Petersburg, and Helsinki. As well as she worked as a performer/choreographer/project assistant for Katja Loher’s Video Sculpture series, visual/performance artist AYAKAMAY, most recently she started to collaborate with MARCK for his video and live performance. Azumi is constantly at work on wide range of collaborative, solo and experimental dance project with the hope of growing as a creator.http://azumioe.com/

AnarkoArtLab (Brazil / NYC) is a multi-disciplinary artist whose work draws upon anarchism/feminism/queer. (S/he) does audio-installations, Photos,drawings, performance, video-art-experimental, computer installation, site specific and public art. Creates and organizes the Anarko Art Lab in NYC. www.adrianavarella.net

Vilma PeDiu (Lithuania / NYC) and Shelly Voorhees (NYC)
Animal rights, Video-art, live dance perfomance.
We are learning to recognize and believe in our intuitions at a higher level. For most of us, this awarness is new and we are surounded by a culture that still operates too much in the old scepticisim, so we lose expectations and faith.

Maker of wearable art and performance artist.

WILD TØR∇S (Virginia / Russia / NYC) is a collaborative platform of artist-shamans, led by Vlady Voz Tokk and Mág Ne Tá, who work to create chaotic, cult action happenings within multi-sensory installations. WT aims to create a shared, collective experience with audiences, utilizing a combination of digital and physical means to commemorate traumatic and mystical events that occur in the universe as a whole. Through working in the ephemeral, WT’s constructed experiences reach beyond its participants’ consciousness and corporeal position in society. The rituals activate a liminal space-time to deconstruct targeted events in contemporary reality, which have been distorted through media sources and the Internet, and requiring alternate manifestations. Ultimately, the coming together of WT’s clashing identities, invented tools, cryptic symbols, and physical renderings through ritualistic experience erupts into an extreme, dystopian spectacle.

PLUS! Video screening of work by Yifei Hu and Chen Jin from Beijing, China*


June 2 @ 8:00 pm
June 3 @ 12:00 am


Wild Embeddings


Rockwall Studios
1080 Wyckoff Ave
Queens, NY 11385 United States
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