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Cailler Pop Up Event

Oct 13, 2015 - Oct 15, 2015

Nestlé’s Switzerland-based chocolate brand, Cailler, is now available for purchase in the U.S.! To celebrate we will be holding a pop up event, open to the public beginning October 13 – 15th, with a short closure from 11:30 am – 1:30 pm on the 13th due to a media-only event.


Here’s what chocolate lovers can expect to experience at the event:

  • Learn what makes Cailler chocolate so special through a tasting of the finest milk chocolate in the world.
  • Discover and learn more about the history and brand essence of Cailler, including the viewing of a video showcasing how the chocolate has been made for the past 200 years, from start to finish.
  • Feel the unique texture and smell the aroma of raw cocoa beans and other ingredients from bags like the ones you’d find at the Maison Cailler in Broc, Switzerland.
  • See the picturesque beauty of Broc, where the milk comes from and chocolate is made, through a live webcam.
  • Opportunity to create a piece of traditional Swiss artwork on a unique light table covered with ground cocoa beans.
  • Receive a complimentary silhouette from a decoupage artist.


More Information About Cailler and the Product:

Cailler chocolate was first created in 1819 by M. Francois-Louis Cailler. And in the years since, the Cailler recipes and rich tradition have been passed from generation to generation.

The chocolates are available in 16 and 25 piece boxes, in four assortments: Signature Selection; Milk Chocolate Selection; Praliné Selection; and Dark Chocolate Selection. And true to the brand’s Swiss heritage, the front of each Cailler box displays hand-designed artwork by paper-cut artist, Marianne Dubuis (each design tells a part of the Cailler story revealing something new).

Eight Cailler bar varieties will also be available on Amazon:

  • L’Ecorce Bar selection (thin chocolate bars available in the following four flavors): 70% Cocoa Strong & Intense, 84% Cocoa Floral & Bittersweet, Smooth Milk Rich & Creamy, Smooth Milk With Hazelnut.
  • Art du Brut Selection (a delicious blend of rich chocolate, freshly roasted nuts, and tangy fruit, available in the following four flavors): Intense Dark Almond, Hazelnut & Blueberry, Intense Dark Almond, Hazelnut & Cranberry, Smooth Milk Almond, Hazelnut & Cranberry, Smooth Milk Almond, Hazelnut & Raisin




Oct 13, 2015
Oct 15, 2015
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