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Billy Bonfire – a new rock musical

Nov 16, 2013 @ 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

| $12

Billy Bonfire is a contemporary-rock musical set in a future where food is scarce, the government is oppressive, and it’s a struggle to simply survive.


“Billy Bonfire” takes place in a formerly metropolitan city in the year 2144. Sixty-two years before the events of “Billy Bonfire” (A.D. 2082), a pathogen affecting most plant life decimated the global food supply. Barely anything could grow and what did could not be eaten. Following the onset of the famine, the governments of the world struggled fruitlessly to develop a solution to the problem. They rationed what little food they had left. They instituted limits on reproduction; children could only be born if their parents were chosen through a lottery system. They tried developing synthetic “food” but most people’s systems rejected it and starved. Anyone who could actually digest it still faced sickness and health issues. Millions upon millions died.

When all seemed lost, the world’s governments made the decision to give full control of military and logistic affairs over to The Syndicate, an international bio-technology and security corporation that was able to maintain operations despite the effects of the famine. The Syndicate quickly declared martial law and began arresting or killing dissidents (including illegally born infants).

In 2084, the leaders of The Syndicate made the radical decision to cryogenically freeze half of the world’s population. They hoped that a solution to the famine could be found quickly so that the freezings could end, but no solution was found. This went on for decades. “The Freeze” became a part of life, a certainty in this hopeless world. Over the next 60 years, a new culture developed. The Syndicate became omnipresent. They rewarded those who fed them information and severely punished those who dissented.

It was out of this dark culture that a bright hope emerged. One brilliant man found a miraculous way to battle the pathogen that originally brought us down and in 2139 he presented his research to The Syndicate. He wanted to work with them to heal the world, but The Syndicate had other plans. Even with millions of people starving and dying all around them, they saw this as another tool to control power. They sought to feed only those completely loyal and subservient to them and hoard food away from all others.

The man could not abide this. He refused to give in to their demands and decided to find another way to release his solution to the world. He never had the chance though. Before he could accomplish his goal, The Syndicate burned his laboratory and all of his research. Fearing for his own life and the lives of those he loved, he went into hiding. No one has seen or heard from him since.

This man would become known to the people as “Billy Bonfire” and would galvanize hope among them. His adopted son, E, was left alone to carry on his legacy in this dark and dangerous world.


Nov 16, 2013
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm


Billy Bonfire


Bird River Studios
343 Grand St
Brooklyn, NY 11211 United States