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⭐︎ OPENING RECEPTION 11/29 Mayu Fujisawa + nono-craft ⭐︎

Nov 29, 2016 @ 7:00 pm

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Every day until Dec 4, 2016
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⭐︎ OPENING RECEPTION 11/29 Mayu Fujisawa + nono-craft ⭐︎

Title: Paradise
Artist: Mayu Fujisawa
Mayu Fujisawa was born in a small mountain town in Nagano Prefecture. As a child she grew up in an environment where her playmates were plants, insects, water and mountains. From an early age she read picture books with her mother and spent time in a world of imagination. Mayu’s pictures were always the one thing that people praised and as a matter of course she came to love drawing. However as a high school student Mayu began to distance herself from drawing. Around this time she strongly felt “Art is something you feel, something that is free, not something that you learn.” She studied oil painting and found it very boring. She couldn’t find a purpose in studying art or painting. It was at this time that she saw a TV program about dyeing kimono. She was so struck by the beauty of it that her instinct told her “this is what I’m looking for!” Mayu entered the fabric dying department of Joshibi Junior College of Art and Design. Although she enjoyed dyeing work, classes included design and patterning and she found the urge to draw become stronger. It was here that she was introduced to “Tsutsugaki”. The feel of the fabric and beauty of the colors, the way it was impossible to read the final result of the dyeing process; it was as though she had found a part of herself that was lost. Like the breaching of a dam wall, she designed and produced her first large piece.

This was the time when Mayu began to think more about the meaning behind the pieces she produced, rather than expressing her thoughts through the picture itself. Many of her motifs come from nature. Unlike man, nature simply lives and it is the beauty of these shapes and structures that she feels. Man selfishly wipes out land, plants and animals, but even then nature stays close, living with us, a reminder of just how insignificant man is. It is important to understand that we are supported by nature, accept, embrace and live with it.

Mayu takes the small, everyday happenings around her, adds them to her world of imagination and uses them to create her own unique world. From this space she adds them to the real world and draws them as reality. Although the shapes are different everything is connected by the same base of simplicity. True beauty and happiness are simple, not in what we search for. Nothing is taken for granted and there are many sides to happiness. These drawings create images of gods and creation. Mayu says “I draw one thing and other images just keep coming, so I just keep drawing what comes. Recently I feel like I’m drawing spirits or souls.”

-Gallery 2-

Title: True Colors: Natural Dyeing from Japan
Artist: nono-craft
Miyuki Oka is nono-craft. “nono” is her pseudonym, nono-craft, means “fabric” in the ancient dialect of northern Kyoto, where she studied traditional Japanese dyeing. “nono” embodies her work: dyeing the threads and clothes, sewing, weaving, spinning yarns, felting, expanding the possibilities of fabric.

nono-craft was born in Japan. She has aspired to become an artist who creates something beautiful with her own hands. After working for a trading company as a salesperson, she studied orthodox techniques of dyeing, chemistry, design, and weaving at Kinki Polytechnic College Kyoto. While in college, she worked as an assistant to a Japanese traditional kimono artist on the weekends. She also learned Indian Indigo and Indian Batik, a traditional dyeing method with many processes, in Jaipur, India. After graduation in 2000, she opened her own studio in Karuizawa, Japan.
nono-craft exhibitions are held every month in various locations in Japan, such as Tokyo, Kyoto, Yokohama, Nagano, Karuizawa, and so on.
nono-craft searches and learns new techniques of natural dyeing and weaving. At least once a year, she goes abroad and visits dyeing workshops and studios to master their skills, to exchange knowledge, and collaborate on projects. She has visited studios in many countries, including Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Thailand, Finland, Latvia, Estonia, Bulgaria, Romania, and Morocco.

Natural dyeing with plants has been done all over the world since ancient times. However, in years of late, chemical dyeing has become the mainstream, and it seems that the traditional wisdoms, methods, colors, and the beauty of the natural dyeing are swept away into oblivion. Yet, nono-craft dyes with Japanese traditional methods and materials. The fabrics are all natural (i.e. Linen, cotton, silk and wool). The dyes she uses are Japanese indigo, madder roots, logwood barks, walnut husks, pomegranate rinds, flowers of frame-of-the-forest, buds of Japanese pagoda tree, alder fruits and so on. Some of these plants came to Japan from Persia or India via the Silk Road, and some others are indigenous to Japan. They have all been used as medical herbs and are non-toxic. They were highly valuable. In some of the eras of Japanese history, only noble people were allowed to use these dyes so they could enjoy the colors.
In general, rusty, dull and dark colors come to mind when you hear the words,“natural dyeing.” However, nono-craft aims and produces clear and delicate colors; the colors which bring out the person’s own beauty when they are worn.

nono-craft has three principles to her work:

First of all, to offer the enjoyment and playfulness of natural dyed colors, which are created through re-appreciating the traditional and environment-friendly ways of lifestyle.
Secondly, creating artworks together with other studios and workshops in the world by sharing the unique techniques and skills which have been handed down in certain regions.
And lastly, giving an opportunity to make you smile everyday with her work.


Nov 29, 2016
7:00 pm
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