Escape turkey day with a London home swap

Most of us flock to the gathering of every living relative for a couple of drama-filled days in late November. But some of us… just need to be FAR AWAY. And so having a free apartment in London might be the perfect opportunity. (After all, who else will “watch” your “friend’s” place while they’re traveling abroad to the U.S.?) Jauntsetter’s found a Londoner looking for a New York/London apartment swap between Nov. 23 and 29. We’ve always wanted to try one of these trades. This one is for a London pad in the center of town, within walking distance of a whole lot. Exact dates are flexible, but the stay has to cover Thanksgiving weekend.

Read all the details at Jauntsetter, but the place is a two-bedroom, two-bath with all modern amenities (cable, wi-fi, 42-inch TV), located on the north bank of the Thames. Nearby attractions include Westminster Abbey, Parliament and the Tate and, of course, access to the Tube.

Apparently, says the London traveler, flights are cheap and the British pound is down. So it’s a good time to hop over and hit up Harrod’s. Find out all about the swap here.