Ent no thang: more free trees to take home and care for

Don’t wake up to this. via Strong Girls Win

Missed out on Brooklyn Bridge Park’s free tree giveaway last weekend? Don’t worry about it, you still have a chance to get the foundation for the treehouse of your dreams. Somehow, the park didn’t go through it’s supply of trees on Saturday, so you, you lucky procrastinator, can get in the running for one by emailing them at brooklynbridgepark@bbpnyc.org. They’ve only got 35 left though, so be quick about it. If you’re too slow for those ones, the Gowanus Canal Conservancy is giving away 150 trees of their own this Saturday. If you’re on the fence about putting a tree in your yard, consider this: when the Ents finally come visit Brooklyn, they’ll be more likely to treat you well if they see you’ve been taking care of one of their cousins.

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