End-of-season survey: Old white dudes watched Girls. Did you?

Stoop life.

If you’ve noticed your internet connection has been slow over the past few months, that’s because every 20 seconds someone was hogging all your bandwidth by uploading another 3,000-word Girls think piece. And it turns out old white dudes in New England may have been reading all those, because NY Magazine reports white guys over 50 made up most of the viewing audience for the show, which ended its first season on Sunday. I don’t have much more to say about it because I’ve only seen the first two episodes, because streaming Girls is not something I’m willing to risk getting busted over (fantasy medieval soap operas with baby dragons, however…). But we know a lot of you don’t have that fancy HBO subscription either. So let’s do an informal end of season roundup: did you watch the show? How did you see it: HBOGo,torrenting, a friend’s house or something even more clever? And if you have HBO, can we come over and watch True Blood all summer?

We’ll take your other comments too about the season: are you excited for season 2? Or are we all over Brooklyn on TV after this season and ready to start seeing Queens get its due?

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  • Torrenting.

    Liked it. Looking forward to season 2.

  • Looking forward to season 2. I loved Girls, the ending was unexpected in ways, and I ADORE Lena. Esp.after seeing her on LNJF. Seriously, worth it. Try alluc.org to see if they have it…

  • If you don’t illegally download, you ain’t shit.

  • If I wanted to watch angst-ridden white girls complaining about life I’d had to my local bar.

  • I used sidereel.com to watch it.

  • Losers torrent stuff. I pay for HBO and watched each episode. Like a winner. “Girls” is good.

    • And, nah, you can’t come over and watch “True Blood” because “True Blood” isn’t about anything. It’s an elaborately staged holding pen for HBO’s dumbest viewers. They’re kept there, transfixed, so they don’t ruin the rest of the channel’s programming with their bacterial stupidity.

      • yeah, but the sex is way better than on Girls.

        • Unless you’re jerking off to the swooping camera work, there’s an entire galaxy of free pornography on the Internet that would serve you better.

          • I’ll have you know that comment was flagged as spam by our filter.

            • Nice. I test for subtlety. By the way, the chick in the howaboutwe ad on your site is really hot.

  • Watched it on HBO OnDemand. HBO is worth it and OnDemand is worth it’s weight in gold.

    I think this show is hilarious…as repulsive as the characters might be, I’d take them over the billionaire yuppie schmucks that have taken over Clinton Hill.

    And yes, I stay at home and watch cable because my local bar IS WeatherUp.

  • I think Cribbster should be a recurring character for this site. Something like deep thoughts by Cribbster.

  • I watched the entire season on my Dad’s HBOGO so that counts for one of the old guys.

  • I watched it using HBOGo because my parents don’t know that that exists. I am in fact looking forward to season 2 but I felt like the season ended strangely for Hannah and Marnie. The first lesson to be learned at the end of the episode was definitely never fall asleep on the train because then you get robbed. Secondly when you fall asleep on the train and reach the end of the line, don’t get off of the platform and walk around a place you don’t know. Just how do you expect to get back on the train without any money?

    Then there’s Marnie who I will leave her making out with a fat guy who obviously has no confidence in himself and only in his ability to eat more and more cake to her being totally shit faced from all of the free champagne at the wedding.

    All in all, I liked the show and the whole season. I can’t wait for season two where the GIRLS will have more color!