Where you work = who you date, says shill for dating lobby

Missing from the study: Indian Chief, cowboy.

If Ayn Rand wrote a book about a dating service, it would probably show you this graphic when you sign up. Notorious pro-dating advocacy group eHarmony posted a “survey” this week that shows how your job affects who you’re likely to talk to or date of the opposite sex (and only the opposite sex). Findings include: Unemployed men are always on the hunt for personal trainers, female beauticians and male pilots chat a lot and male police offers are suckers for female teachers. You can see which profession is most flexible in who they date (and it’s not yoga instructors. BADUM!). Now stop dating around and let the Council of Vocations find your mate.

If anyone has found this to be actually true, please do tell. H/T HowAboutWe.

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  • I’m a female teacher, and I have never dated a police officer. I’m actually a little insulted by this considering many NYPD officers I have met are not nice people (although the Bed Stuy cops are cool to my dog and I), and I’ve heard their average IQ is about 85. Police officers also only need a HS diploma. Teachers have at least a masters degree, and many have multiple graduate degrees. I’m trying to raise my standards. Now with my luck I will end up with one just because I posted this.