Dun-Well hiring weekend person to make the doughnuts

dun-well doughnuts

This job could be your part-time life. via Facebook

Everyone loves doughnuts, of this we’re sure. Frankly, if you don’t like them, you can close this tab and just keep on walkin’ buddy, because we don’t want to know you. Now that any presumed doughnut-haters are gone, we can share the exciting news that vegan doughnut emporium Dun-Well Doughnuts is hiring a weekend baker to make some doughnuts for them. Do you have the pastry skills to do it?

The job is only part-time weekend doughnut making, at least to start. If they like you, or there are people who need shifts covered, you pick up more work probably. Dun-Well, being a vegan doughnut emporium, isn’t going to take just any schmuck off the street of course. If you want to fry dough for them in exchange for…dollars, they want you to be an actual experienced baker.

How much experience? They don’t say, so maybe you can just make up a couple things because you make excellent doughnuts in your spare time, and by the time they’d catch your resume fraud you’ll have been wowing the public and your bosses with your pastry skills. Seems unlikely though, so we’d only apply if we actually had some experience with baking.