Drink away April: Win a pair of tickets to the Dekalb Classic!

Ah, Dekalb Avenue, ever so pleasant.

Ah, Dekalb Avenue, ever so pleasant. Via NY Mag.

Cocktails are a magical device usually used to make your daily drinking budget evaporate before your eyes. This is troublesome as Brooklyn’s bartenders have get craftier every year, with homemade bitters and such. Lucky for you would-be mixology lovers that the Dekalb Classic is back this year, and we’ve got tickets to giveaway! The Classic is a competition running the whole month of April between bartenders at five bars on Dekalb Avenue, aka one of the best avenues in New York City, where you get to pick the winner. The $50 tix get you a cocktail at each of the five bars, which, in addition to saving you money over normal cocktail prices, helps raise money for a good cause:  helping the Pratt Area Community Council assist small business and provide affordable housing in the neighborhood. Details on how to win below.

The five bars are Walter’s, Cornerstone Bar, Roman, Chez Oskar, Madiba and Dino. To buy tickets, click here.

To WIN a pair of tickets tickets, simply put a comment below describing what is your favorite cocktail and why. Entries must be in by 5pm Wednesday 3/27. Make sure to register your name before you comment so we know how to reach you!

Buy tickets online now.

Buy tickets online now.

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  • Long Island Iced Tea because it gets you drunk.

  • The first time I went to applewood in Park Slope they had a cucumber martini on the menu which was the most amazing drink I’ve had in my life. Light and refreshing and summery. Yum.

  • Old Fashioned – Strong and classic!

  • Pimm’s Cup – Refreshing and delicious summer drink!

  • Dirty Gin Martini.

    It’s actually kinda budget friendly because it keeps me sipping for over an hour, contains like 3 shots, and comes with a snack.

  • The old fashioned because it’s a classic. And I feel like Betty Draper from Mad Men when I drink it.

  • Queen’s Park Swizzle because it’s light, thirst-quenching, and has the word “swizzle” in it.

  • White Russian, because that’s just, like, my opinion man..

  • Whiskey sour, because it’s sweet and American!

  • Classic gin martini—after my grandfather passed away, I learned that he was famous for drinking lake-sized gin martinis in his younger days. I now drink them in tribute. One frozen lake of gin, please.

  • Sazerac! The depth of the whiskey, sweetness of the absinthe, acidity of the lemon and a dash of bitters makes it a dangerously delicious (and strong) drink.

  • Cucumber gimlet: swanky and summery (and who doesn’t love boozy cucumber)?!

  • “Whiskey Surprise” — Tell the bartender I love whiskey and see what they make for me. More fun for them and I get to try new things all the time!

  • Sazerac! The depth of the rye whiskey, the sweetness of the absinthe, the acidity of the lemon, and a dash of bitters make this a dangerously delicious (and STRONG) cocktail.

  • Yes please all the time to a real good manhattan, despite Brooklyn pride

  • My favorite cocktail is a classic frozen margaritas. There are few things in life that mix better than a hot summer day and a frozen margarita.

  • Giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin n tonic

  • I like a Manhattan, but I like some of the ‘Brooklyn’ named variants with cherry bitters.

  • Jack and Coke, not because I want a Jack and Coke, but because it tells me whether or not the bartender would be able to make me a more complicated drink.

  • Can’t forget a classic dry martini – I could drink them forever.

  • Whiskey Sour! so sweet I always want another one until…

  • 40 and OJ. Brooklyn, man.

  • My favorite cocktail- a Vodka Dirty Martini. This is a drink this is classy but will give you the necessary buzz you need. But you will still walk away from the bar a Lady!

  • Toronto cocktail, fernet + rye. Very heavy and very boozy (read bougie)

  • Absolutely nothing beats a gin and tonic. If that’s not cocktail-y enough for you, then a martini. So long as the drink has gin in it, I’m in.

  • Johnny Walker Black..on the rocks, because i’m a gangsta!!

  • A solid sazerac, hands down. It is delicious, but not in a way that makes you forget you’re a grownup drinking alcohol (looking at you every vodka cocktail ever)

  • Sazerac – the rye, bitters and absinthe come together really well. As much about the smell as it is about the taste.

  • Mimosas. They’re easy like Sunday morning.

  • As the weather gets warmer my favorite cocktail on earth is, hands down, the gin and tonic. Elegant in its simplicity (ingredients: gin, tonic water, a lime, and ice) the gin and tonic knows that it is not an all seasons cocktail, and it is ok with it. The complexity of the gin is lightened by the fizz of the tonic, while the lime accentuates the best facets of the other 2 ingredients. The gin and tonic will rub your shoulders and give you a straight razor shave while singing sweet, sweet R & B to you. It promises to do the dishes and then *actually does the dishes*. The G & T gives you validation you crave, calls your parents for you on their birthdays, and wins fist fights on your behalf in a three piece suit and tie.

    All hail the Gin & Tonic.

  • A Toronto because it is a Manhattan plus Fernet, so it’ll either heal you or kill you.

  • sazerac. even the sloppiest drunk looks good when they’re trying to order a delicious saaaazleraacc…

  • Old Fashioned. Strong, fruity but not too sweet, and slight variations make it interesting.

  • french martini — pink, tastes like marshmallows, and deceptively strong….also hardly anyone ever orders it.

  • The Sidecar, because every lady should have a signature cocktail. It’s an old drink, born out of prohibition and perfected by the rat pack, and though only 3 ingredients – Cognac, Cointreau, and Lemon juice (and a sugar rim) – it’s a delicate balance that should only be attempted by someone who knows what they’re doing, but enjoyed by anyone who loves a great cocktail :-)

  • Negroni. A simple, strong, perfectly classic drink.

  • Audrey Saunders’ Early Gray MarTEAni: silly name, serious cocktail

    – earl grey infused gin
    – fresh-squeezed lemon juice
    – simple syrup
    – egg white

    Vigorously combine in shaker and serve up. Garnish with lemon zest for citrusy bouquet

  • A dirty vodka martini because it tastes like salty vodka AKA the best.

  • I’d say picholas cage, for laughs, but that is essentially just a pickle back with a better name.

    If we’re talking cocktails I am going classic and simple with a dirty martini – millers gin.

  • Bitters and Absolut because The National made me think it was a good idea a long time ago and I’ve gotten used to the depth and equal lightness of the drink. Woo!

  • Bee’s Knees! (gin, lavender-infused honey, and fresh lemon juice). Perfect for any time because it’s light and refreshing, but especially delish in the summer.

  • MANHATTAN – because I imagine being Marilyn Monroe in Some Like It Hot.

  • Dark and Stormys. Or something fantastic with Whiskey

  • anything with muddles grapes. its very refreshing

  • Bushwacker, cuz it gets the job done fast.

  • White russian. Because sometimes you eat the bear, and sometimes, well, the bar eats you.

  • Hot Apple Cider Brandy because it’s hot.

  • Recently discovered I love a classic gin martini. It may just break my rye Manhattan habit.

  • Favorite Cocktail: Manhattan
    Reason: Don’t fuck with a classic.