Skee-ball and a movie: The new Williamsburg date dujour

As yet another movie theatre in what is becoming a neighborhood just bursting with them, Williamsburg Cinemas had to do something to make themselves stand out. Drinking in the theatre, small-run indie flicks and the cheap and bizarre were already taken, so what’s an essentially normal multiplex supposed to do? Getting Full Circle Bar to offer a free beer in exchange for a ticket stub should certainly put butts in the seats.

Yep, that’s right, if you catch a movie at Williamsburg Cinemas, you can bring your ticket stub from that day to FCB to exchange it for a delicious Genesee Cream Ale or a Genny Light, which, well, it’s certainly a beer. Williamsburg Cinemas already had brokester-friendly prices of eleven bucks a ticket (a relative bargain in this city), so this just makes the price of going to a movie all the more reasonable. And if you’re on a date, you have the perfect post-movie destination. The money you save on the first round can be put towards determining how good your companion is at skee-ball, an important factor before sleeping with anyone.

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Since this purchase will earn you what amounts to 30 beers for 50 cents each, you can't even call this treating yourself. This is a goddamn INVESTMENT.


It's that time of year again! Go get a cheap, permanent, and spooky mark on your body just in time for Halloween.


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They say there's no such thing as free lunch, but they're wrong, at least when beer's for lunch and you've got a Beer Book.


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