Sure, the price is from another century, but make sure your tips aren’t. via Koda

Last Wednesday we told you about what we thought would be a one-time $1 beer deal at Bushwick’s Koda to help usher in the warm weather. After drinking a few last week, we sorely wanted this to be a regular thing. We reached out to Koda and they gave us the inside scoop: last week’s special worked so well they’re continuing their $1 beer deal throughout the spring season!

Here’s the official announcement:

Every Wednesday one beer on draft will be discounted to $1 all day, which makes Wednesday the best day of the week now. This week’s dollar beer is PBR, but word from Koda is that it could change from week to week. Yeah, PBR is no rare Trappist ale, but, hell, that’s like 1972 prices and you’re reading a site called “Brokelyn”, for crissake.

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