Does anyone else hate this couch?

picture-363One of the perverse pleasures of being broke is that you’ll never be one of those people with more money than taste, a category that includes anyone who buys Hummers, Lladró porcelain angels and the leather couch on the cover of the Macy’s furniture-sale flyers this week. This overstuffed beast has reclining seats that look like they were designed by a dental hygienist and cupholders—the decorating equivalent of a beer hat—ripped out of the nearest Escalade. Fortunately, the $3,699 (regularly $4,999) price tag puts it out of reach of a lot of people, so you may not run into one in an actual home. But if you really are in the market for a some living-room seating and can afford to buy it new, this is a roundabout way of letting you know that Macy’s does have a couple of decent-looking ones on sale (the Chloe or the Corona). While they’re not dirt cheap, the store is doing this deal where if you buy one by tomorrow you don’t have to pay sales tax.

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  • Would that qualify as a “modular pit”?

  • It belongs in a Hummer limo!

  • I love how bad it is.

  • I sit on a beat up futon, so it really pleases me to see non-broke people enticed to buy tacky crap.

  • My sister has a similar model, in sand-colored ultrasuede, that she bought off Craigslist in North Carolina for a few hundred bucks.

    It’s the kids’ playroom couch, or as her husband calls it, “the redneck couch” since it has the aforementioned reclining seats, a pullout bed, and pull-down drink holders. They bought it specifically to be jumped on, played on, and somewhat destroyed (with little consequence) by their kids. It’s the sandy-beach-house version of a couch.

    I sleep on this thing whenever I stay out there, and I have to say, it really takes a beating! But christ, to buy it new, in leather, for thousands of dollars? ew!

  • It is kind of ugly but I like the idea of cupholders and now I wish every piece of upholstered furniture had them.