Come along, Pond: All sorts of nerdiness at this Doctor Who premiere party

The nerd cabaret crew in the Way Station’s TARDIS (aka the bathroom). Photo by Mo Pitz via FB.

It is hard to say if this post will appeal to a small portion of our readers, or EVERYONE IN THE UNIVERSE as it well should. But, join us, won’t you, as we travel down the nerd wormhole into a world of Daleks and Cybermen, Tardises and bowties, sonic screwdrivers and sexy gingers. That’s right, Doctor Who is back for its seventh series, which debuts this Saturday. Instead of watching it in the dark of your living room, why not join your fellow Whovians at the nerdiest bar in Brooklyn? The Way Station in Prospect Heights will be showing the premiere Asylum of the Daleks this Sunday for free, followed by a special British invasion edition of Ashley Boehm’s Nerd Cabaret (also free). Plus, the bar is holding an imaginative costume contest: dress as you would if you were the Doctor’s next incarnation, and you can win free drinks!

The bar opens at 4pm, the screening is at 6pm. The cabaret will feature songs about Harry Potter, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and Doctor Who (or any show Steven Moffat has written).

The Way Station is at 683 Washington Ave., between Prospect and St. Marks.