See also: Tacos.
See also: Tacos.

Open your pay stub, take a look at your hourly rate and then put yourself in some perspective: do you earn more than $9.50 an hour? If so, then you do better than the average retail worker in NYC, according to a new study reported in the New York Times today. The average for just Brooklyn is only $8.50, and the study is none too encouraging about the state and security of low-income jobs, with this cheery squib from reporter Steven Greenhouse: “Guaranteed work hours are no longer the normal and just ‘getting on the schedule’ has become the reward for job performance.” Yikes. So it’s MLK Day and maybe you’re a retail worker feeling particularly interesting in social justice issues, so, what the hell, if you’re game, tell us: what do you make? You can be anonymous in the comments if you want, but maybe we can rout out the better retail jobs? For anyone who’s never had a retail job in NYC, here’s a picture of a magic dog instead.

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  1. as a recently former Trader Joe’s employee, I can say they start you between $10-$13 an hour; and I think by time I left I was making at least $12, but the full health benefits were worth a lot more. It’s fair to say the health insurance is worth more than the pay for some people there. 

  2. I got a seasonal job at Coach in the stock room. Even with 0 experience and terrible availability I get $11/hr and more hours than I really want.

  3. when i worked at the nba store i earned 11.60 when i started. there was literally only a 10-25 cent raise annually from wherever they started you though.

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