Dig up over 60 years of history at this Downtown Brooklyn time capsule opening


TK. via Downtown Brooklyn Partnership

Remember the days of Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe? Neither do we, but we’d love to find out more. We aren’t as smart as Doc so rigging up the ol’ DeLorean might be a tall order. We can’t even ask grandma ever since she overshared about that one time with grandpa at the sock-hop. If you want to see what Brooklyn was like half a century ago though, drop by the free time capsule unveiling in Downtown Brooklyn tomorrow, October 1 at 11am (370 Jay St) over by the Downtown Brooklyn information kiosk.

According to the Downtown Brooklyn Partnership, Back in 1950, Mayor William O’Dwyer buried a time capsule under the cornerstone of the then Board and Transportation Building containing microfilm files that detailed construction of 370 Jay Street. The time capsule would have probably sat around another 50 years if not for current renovations, giving Brooklynites the chance to lift the cornerstone. Come out to watch the unveiling ceremony where a conservator will examine the documents after unearthing the time capsule. If you want to keep playing Marty McFly after the event is over, the original content will be on display at the Transit Museum in early 2015.