Hell yes you can.

1. Eat some Japanese food to benefit the Rockaways. Nom nom nom. (Monday)

2. Learn how destroying the patriarchy can take the form of being a hollaback girl. (Monday)

3. Check out this YA author panel and you can have something to rap about with the kids when you see them on the street. (Tuesday)

4. Check out a lecture from the Masters of Social Gastronomy on how dieting is some bullshit. (Tuesday)

5. Appreciating poetry makes you look cultured. Appreciating free poetry makes you look cultured AND clever. (Tuesday)

6. Help plan a book sale at a library, because reading is fundamental but all those books don’t come cheap. (Wednesday)

7. Indie comic makers bring their pretty pictures to WORD. (Thursday)

8. Take a memoir-writing class so you can learn the difference between compelling prose and writing for Thought Catalog worthless solipsism. (Friday)

9. If you go to the launch party for the latest n+1 issue, maybe you’ll meet a nice boy. Like Kelly did.

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