David Bowie rides the subway, where hopefully there weren’t too many service ch-ch-ch-changes.

We somehow woke up in a world today in which David Bowie no longer exists and that just doesn’t seem like it should be allowed. Bowie’s music, fashion, culture, movies and general life force was about as important an influence on Brooklyn style today as the invention of beer or headphones. So while you’re using the day to remember the man who launched a thousand dance parties, take some time to listen to this full-show recording from Bowie’s 2002 show in Brooklyn at St. Ann’s Warehouse in Dumbo. Dumbo in 2002 of course was nothing like the ritzy neighborhood it is today, but that was Bowie for you: always ahead of the trends.

RIP David. “Modern Love” is my all time favorite song to dance to and pity you if you’re standing between me and the dance floor when it comes on. Here are some other ways Brooklyn is mourning this morning:

Also, fuck cancer.

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