Curvy girls, there’s a swap meet fit just for you

If this is your style guide, this is your swap meet.

Oh no — you’re invited to another clothing swap. Sounds like a good idea, but who’s gonna be there? Buncha tiny bitches whose size 2 shirts are never going to fit you? You can go and hope people bring great accessories or — drumroll please — you could check out the Curvy Girl Fashion Swap on Tuesday at 6:30 at Night of the Cookers bistro in Ft. Greene, hosted by Sweet Roll Entertainment. The specialized meet comes with a fee ($16), plus you need to bring five gently used items of clothing.But you get unlimited swapping, gift bags, food and raffle prizes like an at-home facial and vintage jewelry set. There are also prizes for the best-dressed. Cool!  Sweet Roll Entertainment is fashion and lifestyle event production company that caters to women sizes 10+. Tickets are available in advance online.

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  • Cool event, but FYI, I’m curvy and I don’t think of smaller girls as “bitches”. Just because someone has a different bone structure and metabolism than me doesn’t mean I have to judge who they are. Glorifying certain body types while shaming others does nothing to help women, curvy or skinny.

  • Oh geez. Female body type was mentioned. Everybody be sure to correct at least one thing in the post or start a fight with a commenter.

  • It was mentioned alongside “bitch”. Asshole.