Craigslist freebies of the day: A huge sack of Hustler Club passes

Imma hustler baby.

I won’t even pretend to know anything about strip clubs, so let’s turn again to Yelp for guidance on Larry Flint’s Huster Club: “There were some ‘ladies’ who were definitely questionable. I felt it as a evil joke by Larry to throw in some men in dresses pre-op for his own kicks. There was even this one woman working the pole who had to be at least 50 – was fairly gross…she worked it out though – work it sista!” Sounds awesome! This Craigslister is giving away about 500 passes to the club, with no expiration date. While admission is usually $20-$25, it should be noted that you can also print a free pass from the club’s site. If the Hustler Club is too Manhattan for you, you could always keep it local with BK strip clubs.
[via Gothamist]