Craigslist freebie of the day: Proper attire for the lady burner

One potential variation of the Burning Man costume

Google imaging “Burning Man costumes” yields results as diverse as this and this and this, so we’re not sure what’s in store here. But a girl in Bushwick is giving away her Burning Man costume collection before she leaves for the West Coast, and we bet some of the fun of going to the desert freak show is wearing a random costume from a stranger. She’s “getting rid of a great deal of costumes and stuff. I’ve been collecting this stuff for years, just have no need for it and no desire to carry it. So if this is your first burn and your tight on $ I’m happy to provide some cool stuff. I’d just hate to see everything I have go to waste!”

This freebie is a today only kinda thing, so don’t dawdle, lady burners, or else you’ll be naked in the desert, which apparently is also an appropriate costume to wear.