Craigslist freebie of the day: Please call Andrew McCarthy

Kim Cattrall was way more likable then.

Someone is giving away free mannequins! Three or four of them, maybe? It’s hard to tell in this ad, to be honest, but if you’ve got art/fashion/fantasy transubstantiation romance projects in the works, this could be of use. As the resident of an apartmecnt that also contains a spare mannequin body, I can confirm they also make great impromptu Christmas trees and Halloween werewolves. And everyone knows they eventually come to life and go on to terrorize the population with their cackling, cocktail swilling sexcapades.

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  • Eek, although Mannequin is hands down one of my favorite movies (I had a mad school girl crush on Andrew McCarthy), I’ve all too recently watched the first “Doctor Who” episode of the new series. SCARY.