Craigslist freebie of the day: Just the lemon ones

Approximately 2.5 bags worth of lemonheads.

This ad from Greenpoint speaks for itself:

I am pretty obsessed with these “seasonal” jellybeans, as a huge fan of apple, grape, orange, and cherry “head” candy. Unfortunately, the proprietary product, the Lemonheads themselves, taste fucking terrible.

Why are they so bitter? I’ve had lemons before, and they’re sour. In fact, that’s sort of what they’re known for. Also, the reason I like all the other flavors is because they’re all exaggerated artificially to be extra tart. Of course, except for lemon, which is just sort of syrupy and bitter.

I had been throwing the lemon ones out my bedroom window while eating these, but it being Earth Day, I had a change of heart and started picking them out. This is about 2.5 bags worth of lemon jellybeans because these are basically all I’ve eaten for two days.

Also available for free: the pile of discarded lemon jelly beans outside this person’s window.

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