Councilmember goes to bat for brunch, but pun skills lacking

Unbeknownst to these people, there's a war on, photo by Sarah Gainer

Unbeknownst to these people at Miriam’s, there’s a war on. Photo by Sarah Gainer

Councilmember Stephen Levin, who represents parts of Greenpoint, Williamsburg and Park Slope, certainly knows how to appeal to his young voting demographic. He’s got a Tumblr, for one, and now he’s looking to overturn the law preventing restaurants from putting out sidewalk tables for brunch before noon on Sundays. But he put out a statement with just one lousy pun? In Marty Markowitz’s Brooklyn?

The Observer quotes Levin as delivering only one pun in his statement calling for the law to be overturned:

“The time is now for the war on brunch to end. Meals have been lost on both sides and the uneaten stack of pancakes continues to grow. I am certain this bill will go over-easy with New Yorkers hungry for common-sense brunch regulations and hopeful that the bill will move through committee and be passed by the full Council before more people have to sacrifice brunch for lunch.”

Emphasis ours. It’s not that “over-easy” is bad or forced, but it’s just that could have been so much more. Nothing about being willing to  sit down for “hard boiled negotiations” or even threats to ham it up in front of the cameras? What about whether or not he’s been bacon this legislation up for awhile and it’s finally time to move forward? And shouldn’t he be calling for churchgoers and brunch eaters to sit down and break a croissant together, there’s no need for things to get bloody, mary? Anyway, we could go on like this all day, but when the bill goes up for a full vote in front of the council, make sure to call your rep and tell them to support Levin’s bill, or you’ll work to pancake them next election.