Contest to turn your room from drab to fab

A touch of Flavorpaper goes a long way. Photo via Brooklyn Based

Maybe you’re staring at your wall watching the water stains your landlord refuses to fix and wondering if you can Dumpster dive enough cans of similar looking paint to cover it all up. Fancier fixes for your home decor problem — like, actually covering the wall with an attractive, matching pattern — probably fall down the priority list below making sure your rent gets paid. Here’s your chance to win a free installation of the same wallpaper that adorns Lenny Kravitz’s home and Steve Madden stores: Our friends at Brooklyn Based are teaming with The Sweeten to giveaway about $1,000 worth of paper and installation from boutique Brooklyn shop Flavor Paper. Contest ends Aug. 2, so find out how to enter here and you could have a whole new room before you know it.

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