Coney Island job fair is looking for a few good carnies

wonder wheel coney island

Be the gatekeeper to this wheel of wonders. via Facebook

When we last had news about Coney Island jobs, they were looking for lifeguard, which you might have felt a tad unqualified for. That’s understandable, having people’s lives in your hands is a big burden. But now the Alliance for Coney Island is taking applicants for all sorts of jobs at Coney Island this summer, jobs that don’t require you to give CPR. Unless you really want to, we suppose.

Tomorrow, March 4 and Thursday, March 6, the Alliance for Coney Island will be hosting job screening events, the time and location of which will be given to you after participating in their pre-screening. Because when we say “carnies” we just mean people to work games of chance and the Wonder Wheel ticket booth, not people who could be extras on True Detective, needle marks and all.

That being said, it would probably be fun to bark at people from behind the counter of those extremely frustrating games, and if you already have a customer service job, turning it in for one at Coney Island in the summer seems like a hell of an upgrade. Unless it rains all summer. But who even wants to live through something like that, much less work through it?