fort-greene-farmers-market-brooklynLocal goods at the Ft. Greene Greenmarket | Ethan Oringel via Flickr

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Here in Brooklyn we don’t live like most Americans. We get a daily workout from the four flights of steps to our walk-up apartments. We carry umbrellas, gym clothes and changes of shoes in our totes because most of us don’t have cars and probably won’t be home until after dinner. We buy local vegetables at the Greenmarket.

When it comes to buying renter’s and apartment insurance, it’s good to go local, too. Local brokerages like Gotham Brokerage Co., Inc understand what it means to live in a Brooklyn apartment. There are many New York-specific economic considerations that go into matching you with your ideal policy–higher property values and labor costs, older plumbing and wiring, different crime rates.

When it comes to insurance for New York City apartments, there’s no substitute for local expertise. Gotham Brokerage knows Brooklyn—they’ve been in this market for over 50 years. They can help you find the right rental or homeowner’s insurance, and it’s fast, easy, and inexpensive.

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