Come to America and 10 other ways to spend the weekend

They lived in Queens, but Prince Akeem was so Brokelyn

They lived in Queens, but Prince Akeem was so Brokelyn

1. Let your soul glo at Coming to America (Friday)

2. With a name like “Koshka” what else could this band play but gypsy garage rock? (Friday)

3. It’s the first Saturday of the year, so it’s time for the first First Saturday at the Brooklyn Museum. Everything seems to check out (Saturday)

4. Molasses Books celebrates getting a beer and wine license with the mysteriously-named Second Phase Celebration (Saturday)

5. Also, Brooklyn Tap House celebrates their first birthday. Bars, they grow up so fast (Saturday)

6. Petition for a better G train (Saturday)

7. Watch a guy play music for thirteen hours. What’s more impressive: him playing that long or you staying for the entire thing? (Saturday)

8. Tell Your Friends! Tell them what? No, that’s what it’s called. But also tell them that Gilbert Gotfried and Mike Doughty will be there (Saturday)

9. Have a mondo good time at Mondo, the dance party (Saturday)

10. It’s cold out there, so warm up with some cosplay burlesque at the Way Station, ya nerd. Nah, just kidding, that sounds awesome (Sunday)

11. Get out of your head at Freddy’s as you watch musicians who’ve never met each other somehow make beautiful music together (Sunday)

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