Win free tickets to cocktail crawl the Smith Street Classic!

Mr. Smith Street goes to Drunkington.

Mr. Smith Street goes to Drunkington.

Summer is over which means our prefered cocktails of the season, namely a can of Narragansett mixed with beach sand and a drip or two of sunscreen, has been put back in the cabinet until next year. But fall is a great time to try out some actual adult cocktails our borough’s fine bartenders whip up with their mixology skills. So here’s your chance to try out some of Brooklyn’s best cocktails, for free! From the folks that brought you the Dekalb Classic, The Smith Street Classic is on all October at four restaurants, and we’ve got a pair of tickets to give away! Find out how to enter below:

The participating Restaurants are: Le Bar Tabac, Arthur on Smith, Dassara Brooklyn Ramen and Hunter’s, each of which is making a special cocktail for the event using Greenhook Ginsmiths and Lejay Cassis. Participants get to go to each bar throughout the month, where your ticket entitles you to a signature cocktail from each spot.

Tix are normally $35, but you can win some right here! Just make sure to sign up for our email newsletter (it’s fun and not spammy, we promise) and tell us in the comments below what your favorite fall cocktail is. We’ll pick a winner randomly on Tuesday and let you know next week! That’s right: four delicious fancy cocktails, free for you.

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  • 1 part bourbon + 2 parts hard cider + lemon juice

    DO IT

  • Dirty Martini- Part classy+part trashy= Purely Brooklyn/Brokelyn

  • I know it’s mainly a summertime drink, but I think the Dark n Stormy holds up for fall remarkably well.

  • I love vodka with chai and kahlua.

  • Maple bourbon old fashioned!

  • Brokelyn bylaws prevent me from winning but a maple bourbon old fashioned sounds mad good..

  • a play on the pimm’s cup… kinda.

    bourbon, pimm’s no 1, lemon, allspice, and apple

    a great fall cocktail

  • it’s a bit too cozy for the weather now, but mulled cider is great from late october

  • Stone Fence – Rye, Apple Cider, Bitters.

  • Gin with splash of apple and lime juices and a little honey.

  • Ok. None of the fancy/delicious Smith street eateries are going to approve of this but I’m telling you that my dad’s signature drink (which he makes in my rural southern hometown where the county’s dry laws forbid the sale of alcohol) is the best. Bourbon, sprite zero, splash of bottled lemon juice. Sounds country, and it is, but that doesn’t it’s not also DELICIOUS.

  • Boxed wine and bourbon

  • Mulled cider with bourbon and lemon peel.

  • Snakebite
    1 tallboy coors light + 1 mckenzies green apple cider
    serve over ice

  • Nothing like the smooth flavored, slightly sharp taste of Jameson with some gingerale on ice! YEAH BUDDY!

  • This is cruel and unusual diversion on a Friday afternoon at work.

  • My favorite cocktail for fall is an old fashioned. I’m also partial to a bourbon and sprite with bitters, called a Hillbilly Highball or Yeehaw if you’re more into the brevity thing.

  • White Russian

  • In Polish it is called Tatanka! Apple Juice with Zubrowka (Bison Grass)Vodka and a squeeze of lemon. Tastes like apple pie in a drink. Bison Grass Vodka can be found at most Greenpoint liquor stores as well as Big Tree in Bushwick.

  • whiskey rocks.. any rocks.

  • Mulled Wine, bottle of red, cloves, cinnamon sticks, all spice and orange peels in a crock pot. Heat and Serve.

  • Still love the negroni. gin + vermouth rosso + campari/bitters

  • anything with Fernet Branca has been doing it for me lately…

  • Equal parts Rye whiskey + Green Chartreuse + Maraschino + lemon juice
    It doesn’t look like it would turn out very well on paper. In a cocktail glass, however, is another matter.

  • hot toddy forever!

  • apple sangria!

  • Whiskey or Rum + Hot apple cider (made on the stove with a clove-stuffed orange and red hots, of course)

  • Hot apple cider with rum all day!

  • Blood Orange Margarita;)

  • Anything with St Germaine, including rum, mint, simple syrup, grapefruit juice… so many options!

  • Maker’s + apple cider + lemon juice + ginger. Mmmmm.

  • My go-to drink is actually something I order year round. Tequila with grapefruit juice, lime juice, and a splash of simple syrup. Yum!

  • A hot toddy with overly generous amounts of whiskey.

    Or just some whiskey.

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