CNBC needs a financially-astute social media editor

jim cramer

What’s the funniest (nice) thing you can tweet about this guy?

You’re that person at the bar who can actually cogently talk about what the hell the deal with the Argentinian cash crisis is, no matter how many drinks you’ve had. In fact, you have a great Tumblr that does that through the magic of animated GIFs and you know how to play Twitter like Eddie Van Halen can play the guitar. Well in that case, CNBC would like you to come aboard as their senior social media editor.

You know CNBC. They’re the NBC property that doesn’t have The Tonight Show or Rachel Maddow. Instead they have Jim Cramer putting on funny costume and a never-ending stock ticker. Anyway, CNCC needs someone who can manage their whole social media team, and take the reigns of their Facebook page, Twitter account, Tumblr, even their LinkedIn page. You’ll also be collaborating with their on-air talent, who apparently go beyond Jim Cramer, on social media campaigns and vet user-generated content before it goes on air, to make sure the network doesn’t accidentally Goatse (don’t look that up if you don’t know what it is) their viewers.

Best of all, there’s no minimum experience listed, they just want someone who’s “an experienced social media editor,” and since Millennials were basically born with Twitter hardwired into their brains, this could be an easy job to get if you’re a young person. And then maybe you could actually afford to buy a home in New York City.

[h/t Michael Roston]