CL freebie of the day: Your older brother’s bedroom

We just can’t seem to let the 90s go here in Brooklyn: from Saved By the Bell House parties to 90s singalongs to the glorious resurgence of flannel as an acceptable body covering, it all feels a little Generation X redux. So why hide it? You love all those Reality Biting, Daria-watchin’, Seattle-worshipin’ days of two decades ago, and now it’s time to make sure all your apartment visitors know it. A Craigslister is giving away five full-size posters and about 15 smaler ones than featuring Pearl Jam, Eddie Vedder, Nirvana, Scott Weiland, Wayne’s World, Skid Row, Layne Staley, Anthony Kiedis, Soundgarden, Skid Row and Slaughter. They’re mostly in good condition except for a few tack holes and whatever residual grunginess of the 90s is still attached.